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Project Two!

Evaluation – Project Two!

Project Brief:

To create an interactive audio visual video which was between three to five minutes long. We also had to explore a range of ideas and how we would make our video interactive in the end. We also had to consider locations, sound effects and the type of video we would be creating. Our options revolved around a moving short film or a stop-motion film.

I decided to do a moving short film instead of a stop motion film as I thought this would better suit the idea that I came up with for my video.


My Idea & Previous Ideas:

My previous ideas were still related around things that I like such as music and horror. Unfortunately, I felt as if they both would not work within the time limit. I wouldn’t be able to do a music video as I knew there was only a small chance that a band would respond to my request if I asked to create a music video using their music and I also didn’t know any small local bands that would be easier to contact. So, this was my first idea which I decided to not go along with.

My second idea was to create a video about horror. However, I came across many problems. One was trying to fit horror into a maximum of 5 minutes and if I wanted special effects or makeup then it would be extremely hard to get and to continuously do. Another problem I would have faced is finding good locations. Woodland areas would not have been a massive problem but if I want to go into abandoned buildings I would have needed to get permission from the council to film there otherwise I would have been trespassing. Int he end, I based my video around travel after finding a quote by actor, Vincent Price. The quote is as follows:

“A man who limits his interests limits his life.”

My final idea consisted of a young adult wanting to travel the world and escape from a world of social media. I wanted to try and fake locations where my character would visit to try and make the scenes look as if some of the scenes are in more presentable areas. For this, I went to the coast of Cleethorpes as it was the easiest and closest to travel to and I also went to the city of York to try and capture the historical side of the city. I then put these clips together with clips from Sheffield Train Station and then from inside in my college classroom. These clips were to help show the audience that my character has been planning to get away and finally does in the end. It goes from watching the character to then becoming the character by going to “Point-of-View” scenes.


Final Video and My Thoughts:



This was my final video. I didn’t want to name it after the quote as I thought that would make the title for the video too long. I called it something related to that and so decided with Escape! I thought that it would draw more attention from viewers to the video. Before I posted this final video, I posted a video of what I had to far at our halfway point when asked in class to present what we had come up with. Below is that halfway video:


In this video, I only had footage from York and Sheffield Train Station but from what I’d put together, You could also see what I was planning to go along with. I think that my video from the halfway point to the final piece has come a long way and has improved dramatically.

If I could have done anything differently, I would have maybe not used a Go Pro camera for the York footage. To begin with, I was unaware of the slight poor quality of the Go Pro until I arrived back at college and went over the footage. Unfortunately, I did not get another opportunity to go to York again otherwise I would have gone back and changed the footage with the difference of a camera. Another thing I may have also changed in my final video is who was doing my voice over. I planned on relying on actors Morgan Freeman or Samuel L jackson to reply to my tweets I had sent to them but I had no response. As a last resort, I had to record the voice over myself and change the pitch and tone of my voice. If I could have changed that, then I think that I would have asked someone who I know with a really deep and moving voice to read out the text I give them and record there voice. Unfortunately, I left that too late and had to stick to my last resort.


In conclusion, I believe that I have tried my hardest on this project and aimed as high as I could to get the message across from this video. I would not say that it is my best work but from what I have produced – and to say it was my first time using PremierePro – I had produced a reasonably powerful video which has a strong stimuli and meaning behind it.



For my audio, I originally planned to have a monologue being read out by a deep moving voice. I wrote the monologue myself and tried to keep on track of travel. I did this by mentioning famous landmarks from around the world. I also made it relate to the audience – regardless of age – as we live in a world of technology and people think that seeing landmarks from their computer or phone screens is enough. The monologue is shown below:


This was my full monologue which I planned to have read out by someone with a deep and powerful voice. The yellow highlighted parts of the text is the parts of the monologue I want to keep in the video as I believe that reading it all out will be too long and will bore the audience, so I decided to take the key parts out of the video which would relate and work with the clips and read them out. I would do this personally. I am aware that I do not had a deep voice like actors such as Morgan Freeman and Samuel L. Jackson do but I plan to record my voice saying these line and then edit the audio to make my voice sound deep. If this does not work however, then I will use my voice and clearly state that it was my voice in the credits. In the beginning, I was given the idea to tweet to both Morgan Freeman and Samuel L. Jackson as they have powerful voices which would sound good with the monologue I have created. The tweets to them are shown below:


I also tweeted to a impersonator who my lecturer knows who can do an impressive impersonation of Morgan Freeman. I then decided to go back onto twitter and tweet to this impersonator and hope for a response. Below is the said tweet:


Unfortunately, non of the above ever replied to me and so I have to go with the option of recording the text myself and then editing my own voice to sound deep and powerful. This would be much easier because I would be able to record how I want it to be. I was a GCSE Drama student back in secondary school so when I record my speech, I will know how to use my voice and express emotion better which will hopefully help my video seem powerful and get the message through to the audience better.

As for extra sound effects, I am using the iPhone Message Sent/Message Received alerts during a scene where my actor is texting a friend. I will also be using a song by a YouTube Channel called “NoCopyrightSounds” where they produce music for people to use and download without any copyright rules and regulations. I used a song from their channel called Force by Alan Walker. This song has a really positive beat to it and when putting it with my clips it goes really well into my short film which I am happy about as I struggled to find any songs that would fit into the video. Below is the link to the song:


For this Project, I had to film in quite a few places. These included York City, Sheffield Train Station, my college classroom, and Cleethorpes. I tried to fake locations in some places. This did not exactly go to plan as I had unfortunate problems with weather, especially in Cleethorpes and the camera quality in York was quite bad due to the use of a Go Pro camera rather than a Nikon or Canon camera. However, I still managed to capture the footage I needed and blended them well in the video. Also, I have cut some clips down or edited parts of clips out for reasons such as extreme camera shaking or the length of one piece of footage. If there were several parts of a clip that I liked, I would duplicate copies of that clip so I could cut and edit different parts of that one clip out and put them together in my video.

In my video, I knew planned my locations. In the beginning, York City wasn’t an option. It wasn’t till a college trip to York had a few extra spaces left and so I volunteered to go and I got some footage there. With how historical and architectural York City is, I thought this would be a good location to try and fake another location. Out of the few locations I did visit, York City came out with the best outcome of this theory. I believe that if Cleethorpes coast had had better weather that day, then I think that it would have looked much better and much more presentable. Unfortunately, due to a small deadline and the season of the year we were doing this project, weather would not have been on my side no matter which day I went to film there. In addition to this, I believe the music choice I have picked will help the viewer(s) to feel more upbeat about the idea of travel and that the message I am trying to portray will get across to the audience.

Halfway through the project, we had to show our class what we had already in the video. The video I had was not as good as others as I was still editing quite a lot and also in the process of getting more footage. I also didn’t have any audio to go with my video but I knew what I was going to use. I just had finish putting my video together before I added any audio. Below is a link to the video from our halfway point:

Production Plan Review!

During my project, I created a Production Plan to help me plan and work around my video in a manageable and ordered time frame. I feel that by using and following a Production Plan, that it helped me to organise what I would do. I aimed to use the weeks as categories for each part of video.

Week One:

During this week, I planned to come up with my idea and create a story board around this idea.

-I obviously came up with my idea, however I decided to not do a storyboard as it was time consuming and it was much easier to do a mind map instead so I created one instead. I found this to be much easier and expressed my ideas better and it also helped me to decide upon a strict and solid idea for my video.


Week Two:

During this week, I planned to begin filming and would use the York trip as an advantage. I also planned to edit this footage too when I returned.

-I took quite a lot of footage on the York trip and throughout the video, only used about 50% of the different clips. I edited out any shaky movements of the camera and any parts that were exposed too much to the sun. This mainly left me York Minister and the cobbled alleys of York too.


Week Three:

During this week, I planned to continue filming and gather as much footage as I could and then I would edit this and then start searching for audio to go into my work.

-I collected footage from in and out of Sheffield Train station and also from Cleethorpes coast. I edited these and they really worked well when putting them into my video. Just like the York clips, I edited out any shaky movements of the camera and any footage that could be cropped so each separate clip didn’t drag.


Week Four:

During my final week, I planned to finish editing my video, included adding a title clip at the beginning and credits at the end. I would also update my blogs from throughout the project.

-I have edited my video as much as possible and I have also added a title and credits clip into my video which just starts and finishes the video nicely. I also put in my sound effects and music into the clip and also the speech I would use in my video. I have fitted these in with my video and it has all come together. All that needs doing is my video to be double checked and gone over to make sure nothing is out of place or missed and for my video to then be uploaded to YouTube and burned onto the DVD ready for interactive viewers.

How Will It Be Interactive?

As part of the brief for this project, making it interactive is part of the assignment. This can be done in many ways. For example, by burning the video onto a DVD or by posting the video onto YouTube and then sharing the video on Social Media etc.

I was unsure how to make my video interactive but then I decided to burn my video onto a DVD, this is because I could then create a cover for my DVD case and this would help entice the audience to watch the video. It also makes your video look more presentable before the audience/viewer have even watched your video. I decide to do this and used a website called Canva to create my cover. It gave me the option of a dozen of layouts and templates for my cover and I found one that related to travel. All I did was change some of the text. Below is the DVD cover for my video:


I really like this because in the video, my actor catches a train as his starting point of travel. and the fact that it is showing a ticket to freedom relates to how I’m wanting to express travelling to places rather than looking on social media. I also like the fact that it gives you a destination section and so I changed this to “The World” and this gives the audience a bit more of a clearer idea of what will be featured in the video that they are about to watch.

Production Plan – Project Two!

My Production Plan for my project will be what I follow throughout my practical work. I will closely follow this plan and work from it to help me figure out what I need to do throughout my practical weeks.

Week One:

  • Plan the video making process and create a storyboard around this.
  • Go on to twitter

Week Two:

  • Start filming. Use the York trip as an advantage to get some footage of the historic architecture.
  • I then would edit this footage and cut it down as much as possible. I would also use some sort of filter over the Go Pro videos to make the quality look a little better.

Week Three: 

  • Continue filming and gather as much film as possible.
  • Edit all of my footage and add sound effects etc to my work.

Week Four:

  • Continue editing and add a title screen and credits.
  • Update my blog and make sure I have not missed any of my blogs out that are to do with my project.

My Idea!

My idea for my Project Two idea is themed around travel and will be based around a quote by Vincent Price. This quote being:

“A man who limits his interests, limits his life” – Vincent Price.

This quote made me think about travel because I believe that the more you travel the world, the more interests you develop due to culture and practices. I then created a mind map to help me with my idea of using the theme of travel. mindmap

This was my mind map of the quote and this helped to secure my idea and by creating this mind map and I thought about my story. My story based around this quote will be as follows:

Someone is living their life and is bored of it as they feel as if it’s in a constant replay. They begin to notice how everyone is loosing interest in hobby’s people would have had 10 years ago. An example of this is travelling the world. From this they begin to plan a get away to travel the world. During these scenes, I plan to have a monologue over the top of this so that I can express the message that I’m trying to get across. This will be filmed in several locations and I would want someone with a deep and powerful voice to produce my monologue. I would then play each part of the monologue  at different times to where it fits in with the video and I thought about voices such as Morgan Freeman and Samuel L. Jackson. I thought about this and decided to Tweet to both of the actors and explain my situation. I was to wait at least a week or two for a response and if I did not get a response then I would find someone who could imitate one of the chosen actors voices or find someone who has a deep and powerful voice.

I think my idea is unique and is much different than any of the other ideas from my classmates. In conclusion, I will follow a strict production plan to help me construct my short film as well as time editing and gathering sound effects and music.



Once I chose the quote I was going to use as a stimulus for my short film, I then thought of major ideas what I think relate to the quote.

“A man who limits his interests, limits his life” – Vincent Price.

Words that I relate to this are:

  • Explore,
  • Travel,
  • Adventure,
  • Seeing the World,

I relate these words to this quote because I believe that one interest in which everyone would want to do in life would be to travel the world but, because technology and social media has taken over and is bringing the world to our screens, the interest of actually getting out to the places is limiting each day. So, I would show someone breaking free from the screens in their hands and they actually go to the places people dream about visiting.

These words and phrases are what I came up with and I thought that instead of picking a singular one to base my idea off of, I decided to merge some of the phrases together which I thought related to each other and so, for words such as “Explore” and “Travel”, I believe that these words could be used as one idea and therefore helping to create my short film around the quote.

My first idea around this theory, is that a teenager in the modern world with technology and social media begins to see that this life is constant and repetitive. They become bored of living the same life every day without anything interesting happening. They then start talking about travelling the world to their friends/family and they all turn their noses up at the idea. After working hard with her job and/or education she finally has enough money to go travelling and fulfils this dream.

My second idea around this theory was that a young women who works in an office where one day she is searching for different places to travel to (on a travel website) before someone snaps her out of her daydream forcing her t return back to her work. Then, it shows the woman with her friends and all of them (apart from the woman) are on their phones. This causes her to frown and get up and leave. When she returns home, she logs onto her computer/laptop and proceeds to go onto a travel website and buy tickets to her chosen destinations. For the last fews scenes, it shows a montage of her packing a large travel rucksack and her exploring the different places in the world. The last scene we see is her when she is about to leave at the start of her journey holding and train ticket before it fades out.

I think I will be going with my second idea as it is more imaginative and could really work well with what the quote is trying to express.

Where did i get my ideas from?

To help me come up with ideas related with the quote. I looked at short films on YouTube and found one that was similar to what I had in mind. It’s called a Modern Adventure and it features a teen talking about how our generation has been ruined by social media and is breaks out in anger and tries to get away. His friends then follow him and they are shown getting into a camper van and setting off to travel together.


I then looked for websites that would provide sound effects that I may use. These include;

  • Footsteps,
  • Text message alert,
  • Keyboard typing,
  • Train noises,

These are just a few examples that I may use within my short film and these would only be used if needed. I will try and capture as many as my own sound effects as possible and use special sound effects websites if I cannot capture the sounds that I want. I have searched for some of these websites and have found many good websites which produce good quality sound effects.

Project Two: Audio Visual!

Today, I have been introduced to our second Project of our course and this includes making one of the two options:

  • A Stop Motion video,
  • Or to create a Short Film,

When I was told about this, I was really excited to start looking at ideas and create my own short film/stop motion video and let my imagination come into this project. I began by looking at short films on YouTube which other people had created. These helped to give me an idea of what to make and what to use and what “theme” or “emotion” to base it off and work from in order to help get my own short film going. As well as the visual side, I also have to consider the audio side to the film. Will there be music? Speech? Sound effects? If so, how much of each will I use? Will it fit in well with the video? Before I consider any of this however, I need to come up with an idea of what I will create and represent in my video.


I began to gather my ideas and I struggled to come up with something. I tried looking at different short films on YouTube to give me some inspiration but there were so many themes that different ones were portraying, I decided to look for another way of getting an idea. I then turned to quotes which I believed could help me by using the chosen quote to use as a sort of stimulus and create my video from that. I looked at many quotes from people such as Vincent Price, Edgar Allan Poe and Oscar Wilde. After looking through many of each of their quotes, I came down to two.

“A man who limits his interests, limits his life” – Vincent Price.


“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken!” – Oscar Wilde.

I want to base my short film off of one of these quotes and to pick which one I would use, I came up with ideas around each of the quotes. For the quote by Vincent Price, I came up with the idea that a teen was sick of living the same life, day in and day out, feeling as it was just a constant repeat. They want to do something exciting and breath-taking and their number one dream is to travel the world. In a world where everyone is addicted to social media and stuck in a dream world, this teenager decides to break free and starts her travels by going to the train station and going to the capital city, London.

This was just a small idea which I thought about quite a lot. If I was to choose this idea then I would have to then consider the locations and also who I would use to represent this.

For the quote by Oscar Wilde, I came up with the idea that several groups of people were all in the same class. In a way, I would make these look stereotypical. However, one person begins to get bored of the same old conversations and actions them and their specific friend group do. They then dress, act and do things differently, creating their own identity and therefore begins to encourage others to do the same. For this, the people I would have to include in my short film would be challenging however, location wont exactly be a problem.

After thinking about which idea would work best, I decided to go with my first idea and use Vincent Price’s quote as I feel it would be much more relevant to modern day and would be much more engaging. I would now have to consider location, sound effects and who I would be able to feature within this short film.

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