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Client Work!

Evaluation – Project One!

My client for this project was a Gothic and witchcraft themed clothing shop located in the town centre of Rotherham called Mysticum Luna. They are only a small shop but have a brilliant range of clothing, jewellery and even some home-ware products. I emailed them as soon as the project started and within about a week they got back to me saying they would love for me to take photos of their new winter collection coming in. I started pretty much straight away and managed to capture some good shots which, with some editing, would be able to be used on their website. When I arrived at their shop, my client told me they had a small room downstairs which they use as a small studio. They had made it look dark and chilling to fit with the theme of their products and most of their photo’s are shot here. However, they only wanted me to take photo’s of their new jewellery collection because their models were away. I was happy to do this. Their house photographer, Shannon, was already studying photography at the same college as me but was on ¬†Higher Education course. She had already got a small pop-up studio for the jewellery to be photographed from and studio lighting which I was allowed use. I got on with my client really well and enjoyed taking photo’s for them. Once I had editing all of my final images of the products, I put the edited version’s next to the original image and compared them – seeing if I could make any more changes to the edited image.

I feel happy with my edits and with my photography in general. I found it quite difficult at first because obviously the jewellery had to be photographed quite close due to their size and so this meant I had to get the most suitable zoom in and also make sure that the camera was in focus joint with the correct zoom. My tests shots were mainly blurry or had lack of detail due to the fact that I was testing the different sizes of the zooms on the camera and also trying to get the perfect focus on the close-up object. If I was to change anything, I would probably change the lens I was using and maybe use a Macro Lens on the camera which would have helped further with bringing out the detail in the different pieces of jewellery but I think this would be the only thing I would change with my images. Overall, I am happy with my clients response to my final images as they said that they were “brilliant” and this made me feel more confident about the quality of my images.



When taking photographs, there are many areas and different subjects you can produce photography around such as fashion, landscapes, portraits, etc. and with each of these categories, there are many different photographer who produce amazing photographs related to that subject. People can take photographs for themselves or for other people. These people include clients, public exhibitions and magazines/newspapers.

When people take photographs for themselves, they tend to be more informal as it is something personal for them and this means they can do whatever they want to in their personal photographs. When taking photographs for a client, these photos would be more formal and would not include what the photographer wanted, but they can involve their own ideas related to the clients request, but only if their client gives specific permission. When taking photographs for the public, this can be many different things. One could be either for exhibitions for the public so these would be more formal. Or you could have photographs that are still for similar exhibitions but are a bit more informal and personal to the photographers feelings and thoughts etc. and these could be involved in small galleries. When taking photographs for magazines/newspapers, they could be a mixture of both formal and informal. This is dependent on what theme the magazine/newspaper is in. If someone was to take a photo for (as examples) Vogue or the Daily Times, they would be quite professional and would be formal as they are popular and serious magazines/newspapers. Overall, I believe that magazines and newspapers can feature both formal and informal photographs.

From my own work, I feel that they are formal photographs because there is just the simple object of jewellery within the image and nothing else around it except a white background which also makes it appear more formal. Thee images are still formal even when edited as they are only edited to make sure that the detail within the image is presented and can be seen clearly to the viewer of the images.



When starting my client for my work, I was on a short time limit as my client wanted their photo’s to be given as quickly as possible so that they could update their website. I only did a small amount of research of some of the ideas they wanted for their photography for their clothing. Because I was only doing the jewellery at that moment in time, I looked at their previous collection of jewellery too give me ideas on how to make the images I would be taking look. I created these on a mood board and then also looked at other images where my client had explained ideas of using coloured smoke grenades when doing photography for their clothing. Unfortunately, I did not find any photographers that took photography the same as what my client wanted.

When working for my client. I took a few of the products I would be photographing so I could do test work. This was to test the zoom and focus on the camera. Overall, I believe that my client photography is actually at a good standard and I was happy with the final edits that I had produced.


Editing Final Pieces – Pentagram Necklace!


This was my starting image for this necklace. I chose this image because it is quite close up to the product already and so only needed a few changes to it. I like this image because of the simplicity of colours within it and I think that this is effective. Because I am only focusing on the products, having a white background really helps you to focus on the singular object present in the photo.


I then changed the levels so that the detail from the lighter colours/shades within the image. By doing this, this helped to make the image look more bolder around the product and it also brightened up the white background and this helped me when using the Spot Healing Tool to remove any dust particles and dirt that may have ended up on the background. When I did this, the white background looked so much better and helped to make the product stand out even more without dust and dirt getting in the way.


Next, I changed the Gamma Correction slightly to help bring out the shadows and boldness of the black ribbon within the image making it more interesting and eye catching. The boldness of the image from the change in Gamma Correction is shown mainly around the Pentagram itself. Within each of the corners and spaces in between each of the spikes of the pentagrams, you can see how the use of Gamma Correction has created more shadow and shading around the pendant which makes it look more effective by the increase of shadow.


Overall, I believe that this image is one of the best ones I have taken and edited and I am happy and proud of the result. One thing I would have maybe changed would have been the background. I would still have used a white background but after the editing, I would have used the Spot Healing Tool further to remove any more dust and dirt that were more visible after the change in Gamma Correction. However, I still like this image and so do my client which is good.

Editing Final Pieces – Witch Necklace!


This was my starting image. I chose this image because it was clear to see what the image was. Within the image, you can see that their is not much colour and the white background there are a few marks which show dust and dirt but these would have been easily edited out and changed. However, I really like this image, just because it is simple and really makes you focus on what is there. I thought the colours were simple yet effective and they still manage to capture the attention of the viewer.


I used the Spot Healing Tool on Photoshop to remove the specks of dirt and dust on the white background to I could make it look as clear as possible. After I had done that, I then made the image fully look black and white by turning the saturation all the way down. This then gave the image this effect which I think works better as before because, in the beginning their was hardly no colour the image so, this is why I think it was better to turn the saturation down to make it a black and white image. Even though it is i black and white, I still think it manages to capture the shadows and metallic look in the necklace charm and this still make the image effective.


I then changed the Exposure and the Gamma Correction to make the colours look bold and also for the detail towards the photo. With the Exposure, I wanted the background the look completely white or as close to that as possible and by changing the exposure, I managed to remove even more of the dust from the white background that I couldn’t get properly with the Spot Healing Tool. Also, because I increased the exposure, it has made the shadows more visible and this adds too the effectiveness of the image. With the Gamma Correction, I didn’t want the image to look faded because I had changed the exposure of the image. So, by doing this, I still managed to preserve the boldness of the black, engraved writing and the black ribbon too. This gave the result shown above and I’m also happy with how it made the shadows from the necklace stand out more.


I then changed the levels on my edit and this was so this was to make sure that the detail within the image was shown to full capacity to give the best quality of detail. I felt as if the image was too dark so I moved the brighter levels output pointer to 220 so that the detail of the black and white colours was shown as much as much as possible. This made the image come out better in detail and so this is how I kept.


This is my finishing image. I like this image because it shows how the use of a mixture of black and white colours can be just as effective as photos with colours. It also shows that mean point in the image and that made me realize that the viewers would definitely be focused on this product.

My Client!

Who is my Client?

My Client for my first Photography project is a shop in my local area called Mysticum Luna. They are a fashion based shop which theme their products around Gothic styles and witchcraft styles too. I got in contact with them and they were willing to let me help take photos of their products alongside their house photographer.


What will I be doing for my Client?

I would be taking photographs of the Clients winter collection coming in and they would need these as soon as possible to that they could update their website with these photos. I would be working with models further into the future with the client and so this will increase my portfolio for my work experience.

Why will I be doing this for my Client?

My client are launching a new winter collection on their website and were in desperate need of their new products being photographed. My client also wanted me to help them in the later months when they want their clothes to be modeled. They have their own models for this and so this means that, although I will have my work experience from the shop for this project, the fact that they are willing for me to continue working with them, whether it be for my college work or for their own needs is something I am grateful for because it would help with future projects and for skills to do with photography work in the future too.

Contact with my Client?

When trying to find a client, I didn’t just email this shop. I emailed many others too. However, Mysticum Luna were the first to get back to me. When sending emails to my clients, I was polite, formal and straight forward. This attitude was present in all of my client emails as this was so I could make a good impression to who ever would become my project client.

Mysticum Luna then got back to me within less than a week and were extremely happy for me to work with them and when I went into their store to see them. They were eager to share their ideas with me and I was more than happy to work with them when these were to happen. They also told me about plans they had in the next couple of months for their models which included woodlands and coloured flares/smoke grenades.

I am really happy with who I have for a client and I am looking forward to working with them and editing my work for my project.

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