Presentation – 4.12.17

On the date above, I had to present all of my final images in a small presentation to the class and my lecturer and this was to receive feedback about my work. I presented my final ten images which were all my Freddy Krueger shots and before I presented the final images I explained that the images I did with the cloaks will not be included with my final images due to the fact that they did not match with the rest of my images and were very bland and not very interesting. I decided that I would not include them in then my presentation as I wanted everyone to focus on my main images.


After I did my presentation, my peers were given the chance to give me feedback about my work. Because I stated that I was not including the cloak images which they had seen in a past critique session held a few weeks before. One piece of feedback I received was: “I think you made a good decision with not using your cloak images!” This piece of feedback was my strongest and made me feel much more confident about my work. Whilst presenting my images, I stated that a few of them were my least favourites and by this piece of feedback saying that my idea was good and I made a good choice by scrapping the cloak images and idea of them. This also made me feel more confident about my least favourite images of the ten and so I was happy with this response.

Another response that I received about my work was: “How come you didn’t do any outside of the home setting?” I suspected that this question may be asked by peers, so I had a strong response in answer to the question. The reason why I chose to do all the shots in a homely-setting is because I didn’t want to copy ideas from Jason Shaltz’s work and instead I wanted to adapt on this by focusing the horror character in homely situations which are presented in the images. However, when I decided to relate my work around Jason Shaltz’s, I did consider shooting in some public places such as bus stops, coffee shops and some small supermarkets. However, to try and make my final images more of my own so that is why I decided to present my images within a homely setting.

One last response I received about my work was: “How did you feel about you’re project overall?” When I was asked this, I spoke about how I felt confident at the beginning at the project as I had wanted to do horror as my next project and as I went along with this project, I found it more difficult than I had originally thought. I was not expecting the theme of horror to be easy at all but when trying to find locations and models to do my shoots, it was quite a mess the way I had planned it out. I had set up a Production Plan that I stuck to, but in certain places it went wrong or I had a few problems which made me stumble. I managed to get to grips with what I was doing towards the end of the practical part of my project. I admitted that I did rush the practical part of my project and even though I did, I am happy with how my images have come out. I felt as if I hit the marks I needed from my images and was happy with the responses I got at my presentation. This made me feel a lot more confident about my work and made me feel as if the hard work when rushing had really paid off. However it has also taught me to make sure I have a solid plan on what I am going to do for my practical work and to have a more structured plan so that I can work from it properly and not get caught up in something which I would eventually have to scrap. This was the case with my cloak photos. I felt excited to shoot these images but with the location being a distance away and for me not being able to have such a good availability, there would have only been limited time to shoot those shots again. I feel so much more relieved that I did decided to scrap those images and focus on the Freddy Krueger shots and ‘only’ the Freddy Krueger shots.

Presentation of Images:

When I had completed my images and moved onto the last of my theory work, I had to consider how I would present my images. Would I print them? Would I post them to Social Media? Or would I do both? I thought about this briefly at the beginning of my project and when it came to making a decision at this point, I decided that I would only post them to Social Media. I chose this option because it was much easier for me to get my work out there by posting it on my personal photography Instagram and Snapchat accounts. By posting only a couple at this moment in time, I have already received positive feedback with the amount of likes I have gotten and even the comments or messages I have received from people saying how much they like my work. This makes me extremely happy to know people like and understand my theme and has made me think more positively about my work.


Overall, with this project, I feel very positive about how everything has turned out and have definitely learnt things which I will take into consideration to help me with future projects. I have learnt to make sure I have a well structured plan to work with and to make sure that I have a full confident idea rather than several which I will then later realise wont work together. I’m lucky I managed to sort out my work when I did and I’m thankful for the feedback I have received and will reflect on these comments and let them aid me for future projects. I have also learnt within this project that horror would not be my strongest project if I was to focus on it again. This is because of the fact that I have struggled with this theme (excluding the time management). It has made me realise that I should just continue to love horror films and media rather than trying to photograph the horror theme.