Test Shots

For my test shots, I decided to only do landscapes shots of places I found which I considered to be creepy locations. Some of these locations will be used in my final images and some are just to help me to discover the horror in the locations around me. One of these locations were found by accident and I was actually thrilled to have found it because its something unexpected which adds to the whole creepiness and horror of what I’m trying to achieve.

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These shots were unplanned test shots as I had no idea that this speedboat was left here. It was left on a path off of a country road a few miles away from where I live. I was driving past and saw this as I went past the road and immediately turned around to snap shots of the speedboat. With how the boat had rotted and the glass had smashed, it really added to the effect of the creepiness. When I saw the rotten state of the speedboat, the first thing that came to mind was the speedboat featured in the intro titles of the TV franchise – The Walking Dead. These shots originally to be just test shots, I may play around with images and see if I can edit them in some way to at least use one or two in my final images.

Another lot of final images that I did was in my own home where I will be putting selected horror characters in everyday situations and I thought that by making them do everyday household chores then this would be more simple and would be showing more of my adaption to Jason Shaltz’s rather than it looking like I’m copying his work fully. These shots are just a couple of examples of where I will be placing my models and in what situations.

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In these shots, I have angled the camera in several different ways according to where my I am shooting and how the location is positioned. For example, in the kitchen, I had different heights when positioning my camera. As you can see, in a few of the images, the camera is positioned lower down that the others. This is because I tried to get as much of the kitchen in the shot as possible, with the sink being the main object in this image, I also wanted to include as much of the kitchen as possible so when I take my actual images with the models, the audience understand the location of the image. With the shots of the living room, I took these images in different sections of the room and this was to show the different types of angles I would be focusing on my models. The images that show the full width of the living room is to show the audience the location of the images and to show what my model will be doing – watching TV. By showing the full view of the living room, I can include both the model and then the situation that they are on and this means that I can then include the television screen within the shot which would help the audience, yet again, to show the location of my images.

Overall, I think the test shots I have produced will really help me when producing and editing my final images.



My Final Images were somewhat mostly different to what my Test Shots were except the images of different areas in my home. I did two parts of my project with different images and both parts of these images will be included in this part and I will also be talking about why I didn’t want to include one part of my images into the final ones. I will also be talking about the positives and negatives of each image and will talk about each process of editing each image. Even the ones that I haven’t included in my final images. I will first be talking about the images that I didn’t include in my final images.

Cloak 2

In this image, I used several editing tools. These editing tools included the Eraser Tool, the Selection Tool, the Mask Layer tool and then also the Brightness/Contrast Tool. These tools helped me to create the image above. Before I edited any of the images, I first of all created two layers within the whole image. On with just the background and one with a model in the image. With my camera being on a tripod and being in the same place at the time of both images, I managed to capture the same image even with a model in one of them. This helped when I erased the legs from the model which then shows the figure to be floating in the air. I then used the Mask Layer tool and the Selection Tool to move the figure up the screen to make the model look higher than what they originally were.I then used the Mask Tool again to erase the background from around the model on the second layer, therefore making it look like the model was floating in just one image rather than showing it was “double exposure”. I then changed the Brightness/Contrast of both the layers of the image to enhance the colours and shadows more in my image and to make them stand out and give a more creepy effect. Another reason why I needed to change the Contrast was because in the original shot, with how the light was on the model, you could see their legs through the cloak and so by changing the Contrast levels, I managed to hide the outline of their legs through the cloak.

I also did the same process for the other two images shown above. I would erase the legs and then move the model up with the aid of the Mask Tool and the Selection Tool. I chose these three images I wanted to give the impression that the model has actually taken off and is getting higher and higher into the sky. I chose one with the cloak still wrapped around the body to show that the model (even though they are floating) were at a stand still. The next image I chose was the one where you could see the wind at the bottom of the cloak showing that the model was beginning to levitate further. Then finally, in the last image, you can see the wind in full blow and it shows that the model has properly “taken off” as the fly further up. Although there are three images from this Cloak shoot that I have edited, I decided that after these three images that I would not include any of the Cloak shoot in my final images. This is because of a few reasons. The first reason is because that it didn’t match with the true theme I was going for and also wouldn’t fit in with the rest of my photography that I am doing which is a mixture of comedy and horror. I therefore scrapped the idea of using the cloaks in my final images. Another reason why I am not included these cloak images in my final pieces is because the cloak shots are quite bland in colour and it would have been very hard to edit to try and bring the colour out. If I was change the contrast and brightness to try and bring out the colour in the image then I could have possibly ruined other sections in the image such as the colour of the rocks or the darkness of the cloak and then this would have ruined the rest of the image. Although the image shows a very creepy figure which people would be able to understand as creepy, the whole images don’t feature that correct balance to be able to class the images as Horror. Therefore, the images were not used in my final pieces.

Final Images

Now, for my final pieces, I wanted to adapt on Jason Shaltz’s work by keeping the horror characters inside of their homes rather than getting them out-and-about. In the ten images that I will be talking about, you will only see one infamous horror character. This is because I wanted to keep one recurring character rather than several because I didn’t want to overpower my work with several different horror characters just like Jason Shaltz does, so I decided to only keep one character. Before I decided this however, I had several people willing to model for me in their horror character costumes. My step-dad as Freddy Krueger and a friend of my mums as Billy the Puppet from the Saw movies. It was easier for me to work with my step-dad rather than my mums friend because she had a busy schedule which caused problems, whereas my step-dad was free most evenings and weekend and therefore had more time and had a more flexible rota around work. This made things a lot easier and I didn’t really have to plan a specific time and date and could just come home and say “Lets do the shoot now”. The photo’s below are my ten final images for my Project One. I prefer some more to others and will speak about them when analysing each image.

Freddy 8

This image of “Freddy Krueger” watching TV is on of my least favourite images. One reason why is because of the huge space within the room that is also in between the model and the activity he is doing. It was hard for me to actually position to try and shorten the space between the model and the TV as the sofa that the model is sat on is against the wall. This makes it hard as I cannot get behind the sofa and the other sofa which is out of shot is at an even more awkward angle for me to get at so the only way I could get this shot was by standing right in the back corner of the room so I could at least get this angle. If my sofa was smaller or had smaller back cushions that could have helped me to sit on the arm of the chair and balance the camera on the back of it to take photos then maybe I would have considered that method, but because the back cushions are quite puffy in size, the camera would have been at a tilt and would have moved after pretty much every shot.

Secondly, another reason why this image is one of my least favourites is simply because of the washing on the radiator. I don’t like this part of the image as because it is quite centre to the image and therefore, when someone first looks upon this image it is going to be one of the first things they say and because of that, it can distract them from the rest of the image. The washing on the radiator looks out of place and makes the image look very messy. Some people, however, may argue that the use of washing on the radiator could show how “Freddy” has done several chores around the house and by watching TV in the same room as one of those chores, he is portraying his way of relaxing after working around the house. Although I can see what people mean when they say this, I still think that the washing on the radiator looks messy and I feel as if it doesn’t work well with the image. Although the radiator and clothes on it are quite distracting, I also feel that the room in between is quite open and spacious, this makes the image seem really open and lacks interest from the audience. I tried to crop the photo as much as possible, whilst ensuring that I had the keys parts of the image too but, unfortunately, it didn’t impact the image as much as I hoped.

Another reason why this image is one of my least favourites is because of the TV screen. Although I wanted to get a photo of “Freddy” watching TV, for some reason, I don’t like the actual TV screen in the shot. I couldn’t consider having a black screen as that would really kill the image of what the model is actually doing. By faking the situation the model is in, you are almost faking the image enough for the audience to feel as if its not real or feel impacted by the image. However, I feel as if there was nothing I could do about it so I just decided to leave it in the image and hope it didn’t make people think the image looks as tacky from a TV screen than I think it does. I consider blurring the TV screen when editing the image but unfortunately, when I tried it, it ruined the image so I had not choice but to leave it screen how it is.

When editing this image, I didn’t use many tools. I only really used the brightness and contrast tool to help with the lighting in the image. I firstly turned down the brightness ever so slightly as the light emanating from the window was causing some shines and white patches in areas closer to the window that were quite bright so by turning down the brightness a little bit, I managed to lower the brightness on the white patches near the window and also managed to limit some of the light coming from the window. I then upped the contrast slightly to bring the shadows out a little bit. I mainly wanted to the up the contrast a small bit to try and bring out the burns in the face and to show every crease in the mask and darker parts of the skin tone in mask. The only other editing tool I used in this image was the Crop tool and that was to just limit the space down so that the space within the image didn’t look too big and make the image look empty. Overall, if there was any other way for me to position this image and still include all of the key parts that I wanted in the image then I would have definitely done it a different way than to what I did.

Freddy 3

This image of “Freddy Krueger” is another shot of him watching TV. I prefer this shot over the previous one for several reasons. One reason why I prefer this image the previous TV shot is because of the fact that the angle is completely different but it is still obvious to what the model is doing. The positioning of the camera shows that I was aware of the space on either side of the model and for that, I have managed to focus the model into the middle of the image and their is nothing to distract the audience from the centre which is what I wanted. Another reason why this image is better than the one previous is because of the lighting. In the previous image, the light was more yellow and the room was obviously is a darker state because the room light gives the most illumination. However, with this image, the natural light coming through the window is the source of light for this image and therefore, I think the natural light worked so much better with the image as it brought out most of the natural colours rather than unnatural light enhancing the colours too much.

There were several different tools that I used to edit this photo, but the tool I probably used the most was the Spot-Healing tool. I used this in several places on the model. One area where I used this tool was on the models lips. I used it here because of how the mask sat on the model. The part of the mask that covers the lips does not go into the mouth properly so the Spot Healing tool helped me merge the mask further into the mouth and therefore getting rid of the models actual lip which you could see in the original image. I also used the Spot Healing tool on the models hands and this is because the model had several cuts on their fingers (from their job), which stood out in the image before I edited it. I wanted to edit them out so the audience aren’t drawn to this fine detail. However, some people may argue that the cuts on the fingers may add to the effect of the model portraying the character as Freddy Krueger is deformed by burns and so the cuts could show the damage from the burns or even the blades on his glove. However, I didn’t want to risk the small detail interfering a lot with the image and therefore I edited it out. I also used the the brightness and contrast tool, but ever so slightly. I turned down the brightness

Overall, I am really happy with this image and it is just how I wanted it to to turn out and it is one of my favourite images from this series. If I was to do anything different then I would probably consider messing around with colour selection as I think the background of the image is quite bright due to all the vibrant colours in the living room and therefore I would consider making the background black and white and the model in colour to hopefully make them stand out from the rest of the colour. However, I’m not sure how that would work and look so thats why I left it how it is and I am still really happy with the result.

Freddy 7

This image of “Freddy Krueger” is of him doing the washing and is honestly my very least favourite as I just feel like it shows that we were running out of ideas, which is not the case. In my head, I pictured this to look very humorous, however, when looking at the image back, I feel as if the image is not as funny as I pictured it be in my head and look very messy. With the socks draped over the knives on the glove I feel as if it makes the image look messy. To begin with, if someone was seeing this image for the first time then they might think that the sock are either still on the radiator or even in the models hand. I thought that the idea of having the socks on the knives, I thought it would catch the attention of the audience and people would like the image. I think that if I was to keep the idea but change the way I shot this, then I would change the angle in which I’d shoot this and then maybe the image would show the idea I had much better. However, I feel as if the idea of socks on the knives was not as funny I planned it out to be and so this is one of the reasons why this image is one of my least favourites.

Another reason why this image is on on my least favourites is because of the colours. I did try to edit the brightness and the contrast of the image in hope that I could fix that and unfortunately, it didn’t work. The image was really dark in some of the main places and then brighter in some other places. Most of the image is dark and this is because of the fact that the model is in the way of the main light source and this is hard to fix without editing the light that you can see. If I was shoot this image again then I would change the stance of the model so that the light can shine through and bring up the colours and shadows that are needed to see clearly and then I would just crop the image so that the brightness from the light was not in the image but the light that was emitting through the room so the image was still holding onto the light, bringing the colours and shadows out. Although I wish to change the position of the model and the camera, I did try to edit the image by changing the brightness and the contrast too and it didn’t really help and instead it just hid some of the shadows that would have useful in the image and I also cropped the photo which shortened the space around the model which hopefully makes the audience be drawn more into the centre of the image instead of focusing around the edge of the model.

Overall, I feel as if I could have done better with this image but after trying to edit the image, I couldn’t think or find a way to edit the image to try and improve the quality of the image and make the photo seem better with colour and brightness. I have already spoke about how I would change the stance and positioning of both the camera and the model as I think this would really effect the image positively.

Freddy 10

This image of “Freddy Krueger” is of him hanging washing up to dry. Similar to the previous image, I prefer this image much more than the one before because of several reasons. One reason why I prefer this image is because of lighting. Unlike in the previous image, this image has balanced lighting where natural light and unnatural light mixes together to bring light into the room and also manages to bring out the colours in the image. If you look around the the model, you can see a whiter light which is from the natural light and this makes the model stand out, almost as if the light has purposely outlined him so the audience sees what they need to see. Then, the unnatural light brings out the colour in the image, mainly in the jumper and the glove. I did change the the brightness and contrast to try and edit out some of the brightest parts of the image which caused white shines around the windows. I also cropped the image to cut some of the area around the model in the centre. This included the window and the stair spindles to the left of the image and then some of the door and some of the clothes rack on the right of the image. Yet again, this is to try and ensure that the model is in the centre of the image and therefore is the centre of attention from the audience.

Another reason why I prefer this image to the previous one is because the image looks a lot more tidier and neater than the one before is. In the previous image, the socks on the radiator and on the gloves blades looked really messy however, in this image, with the model only holding one piece of clothing, this makes the image look much better. There is space around the model and the image is not overcrowded with objects. Although I have cropped the image, the space around the model is still in tact and therefore has managed to make this image very presentable.

When I edited this image, I used the Brightness and Contrast tool to try and and turn down the brightness in some of the brighter areas of the images such as the windows and the glares from some of the surfaces that are in the image such as the metal laundry frame and the metal parts of the glove. I also used this tool to try and bring out the colours in the jumper and in some of the other surrounding objects. This wasn’t done much as it only needed to be done slightly.

Overall, I feel confident about this image and I am happy with how this image has come out. If I was to change anything about this image, then I would maybe change how the lighting is because the unnatural lighting has overpowered the image slightly however, with how everything else has come together in this image, I am more than happy with how the image already is.

Freddy 2

This image of “Freddy Krueger” is of him going through the fridge. I had taken several images in different angles of the model going through the fridge and out of the best two I chose, this image is the weakest of the two. This is because of the fact that the angle of the image really lets it down. You cannot really see the face of the model and I feel as if they’re is too much space around the model and therefore I feel as if this image is the weakest. I didn’t want to capture as much space around the model and hoped that the model and the fridge would be more centred and other objects and space around and in the background would not get in the way or cause distraction. Even though I have managed to capture the main parts of my image and am unhappy with this excess space, I have managed to capture the atmosphere of the kitchen to add to the space. However, I still don’t like the fact that there is lots of space around the area. One reason why I like this image however is the colour that I have captured. The bright, vibrant colours from both the fridge and its contents and also the jumper of the model. I am glad with how these colours have come out and I am glad to have brought these colours out without editing the brightness and contrast much.

When I edited this image, the only thing I used was the Crop Tool. This is because of the fact that I had too much space around and the model and i wanted to shorten this. I only could shorten so much as I didn’t want crop too much off and cut off the model or any other key places in the image. Looking back at the image however, I feel as if I could crop the image a little more in some places but I decided to leave it how it was in case I did end up taking too much off the image and therefore make it look too over the top with the Crop Tool. I wanted to try and edit the brightness and contrast within the images but because the light within the fridge was the only lighting problem, it was hard to edit that one part without ruining any other part of the image. I decided to leave it how it was. Linking back to cropping the image, I did consider cropping the image so that the brightest part of the fridge light was eliminated but I feel as if this may too much off of the fridge and that is why I decided to keep in the light and just mainly focus on the positives that the colours in the image are vibrant and stand out.

Overall, with this image, I am happy with it but disappointed with the small details which do make a big impact within the image but I have managed to balance the positives and negatives out and I feel as if this is enough to feature this image in my final ten photos. If I could change anything about this photo it would only be positioning. I still would want a high angle but would make sure that the space around the centre would be easy to crop out (if an option when editing) and so that bright light sources can be hidden and therefore weakened.

Freddy 9

This image of “Freddy Krueger” is of him going through the fridge. I really like this image because of the fact that the lighting and colours work together really well within this image and I also like the positioning of this image is good. Alongside this image is another one which is similar and it is the same activity that is in this image, however, the camera angle is much different. In this image I am closer to the model but then in the other image, I am further away. I think I prefer this image over the other image due to the fact that the angle helps capture the centre of what is going on in the image. I also think that this angle suits the activity of the image much better and thats another reason why I prefer this image.

Another reason why I prefer this image instead of the other one is because of the fact that the colour in the image is vibrant and bold. Just like the previous image, the lighting in this was very good and managed to bring out the colours in both the foreground and background, blending the two together to show a good image where you can clearly tell what is happening in the image. Although I prefer this image to the other, I feel as if this image is the better one for colour even though they may look identical. I believe this because in the previous image, the light from the fridge was causing a lot of glare in the fridge and I couldn’t edit the brightness without ruining the rest of the image. However, in this image, the fridge light is not shown as bright and so the colours around the top of the fridge stand out more and this was not seen in the previous image.

When I edited this image, I used the Crop Tool and the Contrast Tool. I used the Crop Tool to get rid of some of the space surrounding the model which has help to centre them more and has caused less distraction around them to the audience. I’m glad with how the image has come out after I cropped the photo and I wouldn’t crop the photo any more or expand it back any more. I used the Contrast Tool to try and bring the colour brightness down a notch because, even though I said the colours were bold and bright, they were too bold and bright and felt like they needed to be brought down a small amount. I think this helped because the colours now blend but also stand out within the image.

Overall, I am really happy with this image and I consider it to be one of my favourite images from this series. If I was going to do anything different then I think I would get another angle to take this image which would be more lower down but looking up and then model. This is so I can get a good shot of the face. If I was to put the camera in front of the fridge then I could make it look as if the camera is on the fridge and then this could make another good shot. However, I am happy with how this image came out anyway and would not change it any more.

Freddy 1

This image of “Freddy Krueger” is of him doing the washing up. I really like this image because of many reasons. One reason is because of how I have positioned the camera. I like how Freddy is to the left of the image and the rest of the space is filled up with the chore he is doing so this becomes very clear to the audience. However, I noticed whilst editing that the kitchen lights cause a bright shine off of some of the pots on the rack and by turning the brightness down to try and reduce this, I risked lowering the brightness on other areas of the image which is not what I wanted to do. Even though I lowered it slightly, the brightness coming from the pots is still too high, in my opinion. Another reason why I like this photo is because of the location. The kitchen that I took this shot in is quite small so I tried to find new angles. My test shots helped with this so when it came to doing my actual shots, I had an idea of where I would place my camera. I rested it on the windowsill and so I knew that I had positioned the camera correctly, I would look at the reflection in the window so I could accurately get the key parts of the shot in there, and I am really happy that this difficult-placing method worked.

When editing this image, I used the Brightness Tool and also the Crop Tool. I used the Crop Tool to reduce some of the space around the model, especially to the left of the image. I wanted the model as left to the image as possible and by doing this, I had to crop that side of the kitchen out and I also cropped a little of the right side of the image too to try and centre the sink a little more. I didn’t want to take too much off however, for the simple reason that I didn’t want to centre the model. The amount I cropped off the image has reached what I was trying to achieve and I’m happy with how it has turned out. As mentioned before, I used the Brightness Tool to try and tone down some of the shine coming off of the pots and I only managed to turn it down a little bit but I couldn’t turn it down as much due to the fact that I would lose brightness in the rest of the image which is not what I wanted.

Overall, this image is on of my favourites out of then ten and I am really pleased with how it has come out, even before and after the editing. If there was one thing I would change about this image, it would be the lighting. When I took this photo, the sun was not shining to the back of the house which caused the darkness in the room when the kitchen lights were off. It was the only source of light I could use when it was dark as the camera flash would have probably caused more problems when editing the image. I am happy with how well this image has turned out and I am glad to be using it in my final ten images.

Freddy 4

This image of “Freddy Krueger” is of him trimming/sorting flowers. I like this image because of many reasons. One reason I like this image is because of the fact that the colours stand out really well and

Freddy 6

This image of “Freddy Krueger” is, again, of him sorting/trimming flowers. This image is my favourite out of all of the other images. This is for many reasons. One reason is because of the angle in which the model in standing and positioned. This really effects the image positively, especially the angle in which his head is titled. This really effects the image because, as strange as the image actually seems, it almost looks as if “Freddy” is a professional florist with how he has titled his head trying to get the best angle as he analyses the flowers to see how they look. Also, the positioning of the head gives a good effect when the audience view the model. With the hat hiding the model eyes and all you can see is the models nose and cheek, this still holds the sinister feeling you get when you look at Freddy Krueger.

Another reason why I really like this image is because of the fact that the colours within the image are very vibrant and really make this image stand out. I really like how the colours of the flowers and also the colours of the jumper are both vibrant and