My Presentation:


On Friday the 6th of October, me and the rest of my classmates had a to produce a presentation about my ideas for my first project and I will be talking about my presentation here and explaining each slide. Some of the things I will be featuring in my presentation have already been featured in other previous blog posts so for anything that I have talked about previously, I will be briefly be talking about them here. I will be skipping the points on my presentation where I talk about my Case Studies due to the fact that they are majorly talked about in-depth in my first task so there is no need to feature them in this task blog.

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I have already spoke about historical and contemporary photography before and like I previously mentioned found some interesting results. When researching historical horror photography, I began to realise that the photographs that were coming up, would have been classed as journalistic photography back when they were taken. These images are taken from mental institutions showing the devices they would use to try and cure the patients. Also, other pictures included some from World War Two from the concentration camps that show many malnourished Jews all cramped into muddy yards in dirty striped clothes. These horrifying photographs feature no gore or guts but due to the background from the images is enough to be classed as horror photography, even if it wasn’t classed as horror photography before hand. As for contemporary horror photography, most people these days will either have a comedic theme along side the horror genre of photography or they include blood, guts and gore into their work. All of the artists I have look at are all classed as contemporary horror photographs due to the fact that with historical horror photography there wasn’t really any photographers.

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When considering audience and how I would explain it to the rest of the class when presenting, I had to think about the style of my work and how my images would look. This would mainly be the answer to the question about age. This is because my work will not feature any blood, guts and gore and will mainly just feature creepy atmospheres and horror characters. Therefore, my work being suitable to be viewed by all ages. Another question I had to answer was about my key audience. This being obvious due to the genre of photography I am doing. However, I also had to consider how my chosen key audience would be able to view my work and that was explained through magazines that I had researched online. These were ‘EMPIRE’ and ‘SCREAM’. The first magazine example was one that I have seen before and this features on all genres of movies, however, because about fifty-percent of my work will be featured on horror characters, this magazine would be a good example of what I could feature my work in. As for the magazine ‘SCREAM’, I found that they focus only on the horror genre so this magazine would be more of an ideal way of featuring my work in a horror-based magazine. However, due to the fact that the chances of my work being featured in these kinds of magazines are low, my highest chance of getting my work recognised is by using social media. This will be aided by my photography accounts on Facebook and Instagram and also my blog will help with that too.

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For my project ideas, I have already mentioned about themes which I will be featuring in my work alongside horror is comedy, but that will only be for half of my work as the other half will be all horror. As for models, I have already found a few that are willing to help me. Two of which I know personally and this is due to the fact that they already have horror costumes which is required for my work. My step-dad has a full Freddy Kruger costume and a friend of my mothers has a Billy the Puppet costume from the Saw movies. These two characters will be used in my photography and from this, I will be adapting my work based off of Jason Shaltz’s work, who puts horror characters into everyday situations. However, I will only be using these two characters whereas Jason Shaltz using a good range of famous horror icons. As for the other half of my photography, I have spoken to a few of my friends who I believe are perfect for the modelling role I need due to either their height or because of their stance which is what I want to include in my other half of work. However, you will not be able to see their face due to their costume of a black cloak and with the time of year that it is, the weather will also contribute to the eerie effect of the images too. This half of work will be based off of Christopher McKenney whose photography is very surreal as well as covering the horror genre.

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I thought about my production plan long and hard as I tried to it and adapt a well-balanced and scaled timetable to which I could easily produce and edit my work. Within this timetable, I have mainly focused on my practical work rather than my theory due to most of my theory have been completed at the beginning of the project, before I even started any of my practical. However, halfway through the production plan I mention blog updates and this is for talking about my final shots and going over my test shots too because I need to get a vast majority of my blog updates done by the end of week four as after that, I would need to focus on my portfolio presentation for a week after. After week six and seven, everything else will all be theory work as I have to update blogs as well as write an evaluation too. If I follow my production plan and do not waste any time within these weeks then I should have no trouble when carry out the rest of my project and moving onto the next project without stress or worry of failing.

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No matter what photography you do, whether it be horror, studio or landscapes, you always have to take precautions and go over the health and safety of whatever it is you are doing. For my project, these are the questions I have asked revolving around my health and safety. I have mentioned the studio, purely for the fact that it is worth the thought. I have thought about it and although using it for my final shots will be a low chance, when doing my test shots, the chance of using the studio is a little higher. Therefore, when using the studio, you have to consider the equipment and the risks that could be there. Such as unsteady equipment which can be a risk to both you and the room. If the equipment is unsteady then is could cause it to fall and break or you could trip over it. Also look out for stray wires leading to lights and camera’s and make sure they are not in the way of someone walking or where people will stand. I have also considered my locations and the risk of trespassing will either be very slim or non-existent. This is because all of the areas I want to shoot at are public areas. I also have consider weather conditions so as rain causing muddy terrain, however, if some of these locations have paths which don’t have a lot of mud then shooting there could be a better option than walking off the trial in the woods.

Overall, I believe that the ideas I have come up with and genre that I have picked, will be good when the images are produced. I have studied this genre in depth to understand how different photographs adapt to the horror genre and I have chosen a more suitable and in some-way “family friendly” version of the horror genre by focusing on the atmosphere my images produce rather than the makeup and effects you can see. By focusing on the atmosphere of the images, this will help the audience to engage and understand the images I have produced.


During my presentation, I got some questions asked about certain areas but nothing major for me to talk about. They were mainly just about things that some people didn’t understand. Nothing during the presentation was core feedback. However, some of the feedback I did get at the end of the presentation really did open my eyes to new possibilities and has helped me to make adjustments to my Project Proposal and Production Planning.

One comment I received as feedback was about Models. Because I had stated that I was going to be using people I knew well as models. However, one of my classmates stated that I should consider getting in contact with someone who is an actual model rather than using someone I know. I took this into consideration and asked myself where to look and who would be suitable. However, I came to the conclusion that it was too late to reconsider models, especially ones who have costumes that I need for my work but I will consider getting a professional model for my future work if required. Another reason why this is a helpful tip is for when I need models in the future. Although using friends and family would be fun and a fun experience for them, its the more professional work that needs professional models. I have always been a very shy person when it comes to new people however, I think that if I begin to ask models for their assistance, I can slowly develop my communication skills with models and therefore be able to aid myself in the future.

Another comment I received as feedback was about Health and Safety. I had stated some of the key elements when working in both outside environments and in the studio. I had talked about the obvious hazards of both the studio and the working outside however the comment I received was about specific locations and if there is anything there that might cause problems. Because I had mentioned my  locations in the project ideas slide, it was only necessary to cover the health and safety regulations of these locations. Some of the locations I will be shooting in have small streams flowing through them so water hazards would be a high risk to any equipment as well my camera that I will be using. This also links back to weather conditions that, if raining or has been raining, could cause a muddy terrain so watching where you walking would be in order too.

One last comment that I received as feedback was about my audience. When producing horror photography, you never really see or know about any magazines or even websites that specify in horror photography (this is not including horror photographers own websites). I managed to come up with some magazines that focused on horror but were about horror films and to do with the film industry, however, still mentioned them as they still had some significance to my work. When asked about my audience, it was simply about horror magazines and newspapers so I explained as said previously that horror photography is not as popular as other photography genres and horror is more recognisable in the form of media and film. With this explained, it made more sense to my classmates that they then understood why I had included two horror film-based magazines.

Overall, I believe that I had featured and talked about a good majority or what I will be doing and how I will be doing it within my presentation and the feedback I received was for more understanding reasons rather than saying I has missed out on a key item of the project. I therefore feel more relaxed now that I have managed to get my major project presentation out of the way and I now feel ready to start my practical work and continue with the rest of my project.