My Core Audience:

My core audience for this project would definitely be people who are into horror, both films and just anything horror in general. With the horror photography I am planning on creating, my work could be featured in certain types of magazines such as film magazines such as ‘EMPIRE” which covers all film genres or “SCREAM” which covers horror films.



By doing this, it could open eyes of the audience who reads these magazines and it could show the comedic side to horror which people may find interesting. Although the chances of my work being featured in popular magazines such as these above would be very slim, if I was given the opportunity, then I would include the photography of horror characters in everyday situations and I would write a small section on why I wanted started to do this in the first place. Magazines is just one way that I could feature my work in when wanting to get it out to the public. However, there are many other ways of advertising my work such as social media, newspapers, exhibitions, and even on my blog. All of these options are open to the public and therefore my work can be spread across as far as it gets recognised. Social Media is a good way nowadays to get your work recognised as people can share your work and therefore, more and more people are being able to see your work. I already have a photography page on Facebook and Instagram which have a decent amount of recognition from the people who have already liked my posts. As for newspapers, I would only really submit my work to local newspapers as they could feature my work in an article and this could get me noticed around my local area. If my work was to be featured in an exhibition then people from all over could visit and notice my work. I have had my work in two exhibitions before and they were successful as the exhibition managed to get mentioned in the several local newspapers.

Although these are all the possibilities of sharing my work out into the world, I am only limited to some options. Most more available than others. These are: social media, magazines and newspapers. Social media is my biggest help when getting my work out there as people on social media sites can share my work stretching my work out further and people who follow my blog can see what work I have been doing. With magazines and newspapers, I could only get small articles in these categories but mainly only local newspapers or magazines. With social media being my biggest help when getting my work out there, I would have to promote my own work by using hashtags. These help to put my work in certain categories so if someone was to go onto that hashtag then my work would be shown with other posts on their screen and therefore people can access and share my work through the hashtags. However, I will think more about these hashtags later on when I do my work as I would need to research which hashtags are the most popular when I begin to upload my work. This way, the most popular hashtags that I are tagged on my image will help my photos gain the most recognition. With social media being a big stretch for my work to get noticed, it’s definitely the more advanced way of getting my work noticed and out there in the world.

With the style of horror I will be going for, my photography will be suitable for all audiences of any age. This is because non of my photography will contain any gore or major special effects makeup. My characters will be in normal situations and as well ass hitting the horror mark, some of my work will be comedic too. I have looked at how these horror photographers have portrayed their work and have taken notes on what would be best for my work such as location, model stance and lighting. By keeping up to date with the photographers uploads I can always take notes from their work to help adapt on mine.

For all photographers, images can go wrong. If this happens to me, then I would redo my images that had messed up in hopes that they would come out better the second time around. This may seem like time-waisting however, if the images come out how I wanted them to the second time around then I can easily use these images. I would still talk about my messed up image from previous as this could help my audience understand what I changed to improve and get the second image.

Overall, this is a project for my portfolio and I not an actual specific company, my work is therefore going to be mostly aimed at people who follow/like/have viewed my work on my social media pages. These will help to get me the most recognition that I can.