My Project Proposal Presentation:

On Thursday 8th April, me and my class had our Project Proposal Presentations about what we were all doing for our projects and we had to show this through our presentations. For this part, I will be going through my presentation and explaining in depth each slide with the correct relevant information.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 13.28.25

For my first slide, I was to explain what my idea was and some side plans that I have to go along side it. My idea that I will be doing for my Final Major Project will be Reflections and I have decided to use man-made reflective surfaces such as mirrors and glass. For my project I have decided to use a square mirror and a glass orb that I have ordered online. My test shots with this glass orb are amazing and I love the perspective that it gives in the images. The image shown in the slide is from my GCSE Photography exam and decided to feature it in my presentation to show and example of what I will be using mirrors for. Although that image is themed around surrealism rather than landscapes which is what I will be basing my Final Major Project on this time around, it is just an example of what I have previously done when doing reflection photography.

In this slide, I also mention creating a time-lapse of a reflection. Within this, I also mention producing a time-lapse of a sunset through a reflection. For example, capturing the sunset through a glass orb and the mirror could be placed in a tree or a bundle of trees facing up towards the sky so that the clouds are shown and as the time-lapse goes on, you see the change in colours from the sunset within the sky and clouds. However, I am still on the fence about this idea as I do not know how the outcome will look and whether or not this idea will actually be a success when it comes to showing it within the exhibition.


Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 10.51.20

One of the artists that I studied was Daniel Kukla. He focuses around landscapes within his reflection work and he does this by placing a mirror on an artists easel and having it set up in different landscapes. The image shown on the slide is one of my favourites by Kukla and I like the use of cold colours within the image. The colours match the weather conditions shown (snow) and for the reflection in the mirror, the blue sky and soft white clouds represent cold colours too. However, even thought the sky is out of place, it still manages to fit in with the rest of the image. These images that he creates are what I will be adapting to for my own work. The things that will be different within my images will be a mirror without an easel. This is because the mirror I have bought for this project is much smaller than the one shown in the image but it still manages to capture a great amount of landscapes within the reflection. Another thing that will be different to Kukla’s work will be the fact that I have different landscapes to where he captured his images. Kukla’s images are mainly in rocky and desert landscapes whereas my landscapes will mainly be woodlands and maybe some from the Lake District. I chose these landscapes because I think they hold the most beauty and make me feel more relaxed and at ease when I am there and so I want to share this feelings with my audience through my images.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.55.58

Another artist that I have looked at is Andrius Aleksandravicius. He is a freelance photographer from Lithuania. His most popular project is with a glass orb. The image shown above is my favourite by Andrius, however, when I adapt his work into my own photography, I will not be focuses on architecture and will be focusing again on landscapes and natural beauty. Even though I will be focusing on something completely different to what Andrius does, I will still be using a glass orb to capture the beauty and colours in the world. In the image above, Andrius has the orb facing the sky but the building blurred in the background is shown clearly in the orb. Its looking at the building from another perspective and that is why this image by Andrius is my favourite. When I adapt my images around Andrius Aleksandravicius, I will be making some changes to the style in which he takes the images. Firstly, I will not be holding the orb and, instead, I will be placing it on the ground. I have already done test shots for my glass orb photography and am yet to edit them and then move onto taking my Final images for the glass orb photography. From what I have done with my test shots, I am pleased with how the glass orb works and I really like the outcomes. From using the glass orb, I believe that after I finish this project then I will probably use the glass orb in more photography and I will also try different locations and different situations.


The following slides above are to show two different ways in which I may present my work. In the middle of the first slide and the top middle of the second slide there is text in the blocks and this is to show where I may be placing my time-lapse project of a reflected sunset. I say maybe, because I am still debating whether or not to continue with the time lapse plan. If I do not then the space where it would have been would be filled with another image I have taken. If I decide against the time-lapse then I will add extra images than what are shown as the projector space. I decided after I presented my presentation that I would have more images in the exhibition than what I have shown in the slides. I will have no more than 10 because I don’t want a small amount of images and I want a wide range of landscapes and different perspectives of the images. I will probably also decide on different sizes of these images for the exhibition due to the fact that I want the presentation of these images to look creative and by making them different sizes it make the photos appear more interesting to the audience.


Altogether, I believe that I have stable and useful information have gone for something extremely creative when it comes to doing reflection photography and I look forward to editing and seeing how both my tests shots and final shots come out.