Test Work:

For my Test Work, I went to several locations to take my test work. This was for several reasons. One reason is because I wanted to find the locations that I wanted to take my photographs. I tried many locations. Such as Bamford in the Lake District, a stream near my house, and Clumber Park in Worksop. I chose these locations because I believe these present the most beauty of the natural world than any other places I know. At Clumber Park, I managed to capture some amazing test shots with both my mirror photography and glass orb photography.

Glass Orb Test Work

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Glass Orb Test Work: Clumber Park

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The images I captured at Clumber Park with the glass orb are some of my favourites. This is because of the landscapes I captured and the angles I tried when taking my test shots with the glass orb. For example, in a couple of test shots, I am holding the glass orb to my landscapes but in most of the test shots, the glass orb is on a surface. In a few of my test shots, I placed the glass orb behind a few strands of grass but was still focused on the image within the glass orb. Obviously these are test shots so if the idea I come out with does not work when I try it then I can adapt on that when it comes to my final shots. In a few of m shots, the image in the glass orb is not focused and this is mainly because of the light from the sun causing a glare on the glass orb and this means that the image did no work. However, this can be changed and the problem can be overcome when it comes to shooting my final shots. Also in some of my other shots, unwanted shadows are present. This is caused by either the positioning of the glass orb or something causing a shadow over the orb meaning that it is causing the image to lack detail. In a few of my images, I tried different angles to work with and I for some of these I placed the glass orb on the ground where it was mainly sticks or quite thick brush. When I took the images and analysed them at the end, I realised that when I flipped the image so that the image in the glass orb was the right way round, that it didn’t work penis or didn’t look right. Being test work, I knew that I could adapt from this and therefore, not use that method of capturing images in that way again. Lastly, in a few of these images, I captured reflections of me in the glass orb which is not what I wanted. In one specific image, where the glass orb is resting on tree branch, you can clearly see me at one side of the glass orb. That day, I was wearing a red-checkered shirt and you can clearly see the red within the glass orb image. However, after I took that image and analysed it, I realised that I was visible in the image, so I decided to take several more photos and I could photography the landscapes without me in the image. I then analysed this and I was no longer in the image.

Glass Orb Test Work: Kilnhurst Stream

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The images I captured at the Kilnhurst Stream with the glass orb are quite good and, for test shots, I am quite proud of them. This is because I tried more different angles when doing these test shots and also have taken these at a different location so the landscapes appear different. I also took these test shots in the early evening so the landscapes were very colourful do the setting of the sun. I prefer taken shots at either sunset or sunrise as they produce more colour and when an audience see the images it make them feel calmer and at ease. Also, by putting these sunset/sunrise landscapes into the reflection of the glass orb, you can think more about the image rather than just looking at a normal sunset/sunrise landscape. From the images I have taken at the Kilnhurst stream, I am happy with how they have turned out and I am extremely happy with the colours that I have captured within the images due to the time of the day in which I shot these images. My favourite image from this shoot is the one where the pylon is in the reflection and the weeds from the plants are in front of the glass orb which helps to show that the orb has not been superimposed and is actually in the images. I will definitely be using at least one of these images or my final images and this image will be the one with the pylon.

Mirror Test Work

The mirror images that I took are from Clumber Park and Bamford. I decided to stick with locations I planned for my glass orb photography because I thought that they were the best locations to photograph and it would be easier to penis plan seen as I had already found good areas in these locations to take these photographs. The results that I have captured are quite good and I am really proud of my results.

Mirror Test Work: Clumber Park

With the images that I took at penis Clumber Park, I am proud of how they turned out. This is because they are in good weather conditions which helped bring out the colours within the images and therefore, making them bold and vibrant which would be more engaging with the audience. I think my images from Clumber Park are mysterious as they are taken in woodlands, however, I believe that woodlands are a peaceful place and by putting the mirror in one of the area it gives you an all round view of the area making it seem more relaxing. However, this is just my thoughts and feelings towards the area in which I have taken the following photos below.

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These images are from Clumber Park. One of the same places where I shot some of my glass orb shots. I like quite a lot of these images that I have then. Mainly because of the weather on the day which has really made my images stand out with the range of different colours present. For example, in the images where the mirror is leaning against a log, the background is all different shades of brown whereas in the mirror’s reflection, there are many different shades of green which really make the mirror stand out from the rest of the image. These photos with the log in the background are actually my favourite from this shoot because they are the better ones that I have taken. Even though I will be using more of the images from Clumber Park as well as one of the log as these images are colourful and the images in the mirror are a completely different perspective to what is in the background. I think that the weather really works with these photographs as it brings out the colours, making them bold and bright. However, in some images I notice that the light has not managed to reach some places within the images such as behind the mirror or if clouds are partially covering the sun so the light is limited. But, from this, I have managed to work around the amount of light within the image and when getting the right angle for my images. This then helped to allow light into part of the images which were not there before hand. In some of the images I have taken, there are some with only the sky within the reflection. Although the colour in those images are vibrant. I could not use them due to not having anything within the reflection that could capture the interest of the audience to the image.

Mirror Test Shots: Bamford

These images were took in Bamford in the Peak District and I managed to capture some really good photos. Even though the weather wasn’t exactly the best I was still proud of some of the images I managed Willy to capture. In some images, the rocks in the reflections manage to blend or line up with the rocks in the background which, when taking the photos, wasn’t intentional but when going back and going through the images that I took, I thought it looked quite good.

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Even though there are a lot less images than the ones I took at Clumber Park, they have a darker tone in colour but still manages to capture the array of colours that were there. I tried different angles and locations whilst up in Bamford such as in the woodlands area before reaching the more rocky trails which are shown but due to the weather being gloomy, not many colours managed to come through and too many shadows were formed within some of the images. Some images that I particularly like are the ones which I took in the rocks. This is because I have managed to capture the most colour in and around the images and the scenery is much different to what people usually see. In these certain images, either the rocks or the grass in the reflection line up or merge into the background image which is a really good look for the image. I particularly like these images and am really glad with the outcomes. In other images such as the ones with the trees, I am on the fence with some of them. This is because of the colour and brightness in some of these images. Although the lighting in this location was not as good as the lighting in Clumber Park, I believe that I still managed to capture the colour of the scenery as well as I could and still managed to show the landscapes through the mirror images.

Editing Final Images

I have decided to use my test shots as my final images as I believe that that my test shots are good enough in quality to use as my final images. These will be edited on Photoshop and I will use different techniques to edit them. I plan to try many different things to see how they turn out. Some ideas I have come up with so far are as follows:

  • Flipping the image so the reflection is the correct way round,
  • Making the image Black and White,
  • Blurring all of the background and leaving the reflected image in focus,
  • Colour selection,

For the end of my Project we have to produce ten final images, however, we do not need to produce ten images in the exhibition. I have chosen to show 8 images in the exhibition. To show how I edited both my glass orb and mirror images I will go through the process of each one and so this will be how I go about editing the rest of each of the groups.

Glass Orb Edit

This was the image I started with. I chose this image because of the colours that are shown here and I also like how the background is blurred and the image within the orb is clear but in the background you can still tell what is there and being reflected through the orb.

Firstly, I flipped the image so that the image in the reflection was the right way round and the background was the wrong way round. I think this looks much better and by looking at the glass orb reflection, viewers will not need to turn there heads at angle to look at the image if it was still the original way up. Before I carried on editing this image. I had to debate weather to keep the colour or to try a black and white image. To help me with my decision was one of lecturers who advised to try black and white and he also took a test image and showed me how it would roughly turn out for different images. Below is the result:

Next, I changed the image to black and white and – for this image – this was the result. I particularly like this image better than the other when it is changed to black and white because it captures and portrays what the weather conditions were like without the use of colours being shown. Below is the result:

Then, I edited the brightness and contrast because I wanted to merge the glares coming of the glass orb into the image shown the the reflection. This worked and therefore, you would not be able to tell that there were glares there. I also used the brightness and contrast tool to show the detail much clearer due to the image now being in black and white so this meant that some of the detail may have disappeared until I changed the brightness and contrast. After doing this, most of the lost detail returned and the shading of the areas seemed more realistic to say that it was in black and white. I also used the spot healing tool to remove any spots which could be caused by dust of the glass orb or simply a bright glare from the sun on the orb. These were easy to remove and

This is my final image and one of my favourites that I have edited as the detail in the image is clear and you can see what the image is within the glass orb. I am really happy with how this image and the rest of my glass orb images have turned out and I really hope that people at the exhibition like them too.


Mirror Edit

This was the image that I started with and I chose this image because I like how the path is shown through the reflection and the background is a tree. You can clearly see the mirror within the image and does not merge into the background making you wonder where the mirror is. I made sure this didn’t happen by placing the mirror within the tree stumps and making sure the sun caused a shadow to appear behind it so that I would get the result shown.

I then changed the whole image to black and white because I came up with the idea of having all of the background image to be black and white and the image in the mirrors reflection would be in colour. Below, was my result when I changed the image to black and white. When looking at the image, I knew that I would have to change the brightness and contrast as certain parts of the image were too dark and lacking detail which would make the image appear better if that detail was present.

By changing the contrast and brightness in this image I manage to capture the shadows and detail that was missed out beforehand. This helps to capture the detail when bringing the colour back in the mirrored reflection. I did think about keeping the image black and white but then after having a good look at this image and other images in just black and white, I thought that it did not work properly and by changing the colour within the mirror would be the better idea and would also look better too.

I then created another layer of the original image so I could erase the black and white out of it revealing the colour hidden beneath. With this image it was a bit tricky because there was some parts of the tree stumps that were in the reflection and some that were in front of it. This meant that I would have to work out which bit of the tree stump was which and now looking at my image after doing so, I believe I managed to sort them parts out correctly and this also shows how my the mirror is actually there in the image.

This is my final image and this is my favourite image out of the images I edited from my mirror reflections. This is because of the location and what I captured in the mirror reflection. All of my other mirror reflections images are similar to this but are in different locations which helps to engage the audience.