Printing and Framing

After I had finished editing all of my final images, I had to consider how I would frame and print them. At first I decided how I was going to frame them as I thought that was the most important thing to think about. I had to decide if a foam board of an actual picture frame would be best for these images and I decided to talk to some of my classmates and most were printing their work and sticking them on a simple foam board. This is when I decided against a foam board and decided to frame my work. However, my next problem was what frames I would use. My lecturers then brought out some frames for examples and thats when I found the frame I wanted to use. It was a large black frame with a creamy white border. I looked at the example frame and found that they were from IKEA so, I decided to go onto the website and search them. Once I had found them, I ordered four frames and the waited for the to be delivered.

Once they arrived, it was time to organise my printing stages. The project brief states that you must have a minimum of ten final images however, this was not the amount we have to show in the gallery. I had edited ten images but only decided to go with eight to produce in the gallery. I decided to put two of each category in a frame so that they were equal. For this I had to create a template on Photoshop to be able to size the images correctly for the frame. The template shown below is what I used to size and set up my images ready for printing and framing.

I made sure that there was a gap between where the two images would go, (marked black), and so this would help to give the images space and would not look odd or out of place when framed. When using the template, I decided that my Glass Orb images would go on the top half of the template and the Mirror images would go on the bottom half of the template. After doing this, these are the results below.

I like how the images look after using the template to space them out and size them up. I feel like my audience would be influenced better if my images were shown like this as they get to view both categories in one frame and therefore can absorb the mood and feeling they receive from each image. Once these were put into the frames, they were ready to be hung up the gallery and be viewed by the public.


The gallery that our photography will be shown in is open to the public and anyone can view our work. However, we would have to advertise this and this meant all of our class would have to turn to social media to help us promote this better. Many of us, including me, already had a personal photography page on Facebook and Instagram which would already be gaining followers and recognition from every post uploaded.








My Facebook page is full of images that I have taken freely or for projects which is shown in this screenshot here. I would repeatedly post updates about how my project was coming along and how long it would be until the deadline for this whole project and the exhibition opening.


My Instagram page is also similar to my Facebook page however it doesn’t really go into detail at all about where and when my exhibition is. This is because my Facebook page is shared with friends and family and Instagram is open to the world so that is why I only included my photography and not my location etc.

Other advertisement was used during the months of the project such as a shared Facebook page with everyone within the class and an Instagram page run by one class member which would feature everyones pieces of their own project and activities during the course. These would include pictures of people at the gallery hanging up the work and on the night of the opening. The two shared social media pages are shown below.

These two pages are run by separate admins and feature different things about the project. The Instagram page features the images from different classmates and the Facebook page features updates about everyone is doing to the public who are interested in the event. It also features changes and dates and times of the exhibition such as the opening and how long the exhibition will be open for.


On the 25th of May, I had a presentation to my whole class about my final images. I had to make sure that my images were printed and framed and set up how I wanted them. I was one of few people who had actually used frames for their images as I did not want to use foam boards. When the class commented on the use of frames, they all stated how it looks much better than on a foam board and how it would look plain and would not capture the eye of the audience if it had no frame. From this I felt a sense of relief that I had picked the right choice with going with frames and for this I am glad. Another piece of feedback was about my images. Everyone stated that the glass orb photography was amazing and although colour selection is disliked greatly by my lecturers, they commented saying that it works really well with the mirror images and that I can get away with using it in this sense of photography.

Final Images

I have ten final images and I am only using eight in my gallery and so in this section I will only be talking about those eight images. This is only because the images I have chosen for the gallery have more to say about them than the ones that I have not chosen for the gallery.

This image is one of my favourites because of how it looks. The image within the glass orb is clear and you can see what it is in the image. I also like how the lighter parts of the image stand out and so do the darker parts. They work well together and therefore make this image one of my favourites. I also like how the buds growing from moss on rock have overlapped the image and therefore gives a message natural beauty is better than man-made objects, (this being a pylon in the image).

I like this image because of how I have managed to capture two landscapes in one image really well. I like how the colour really stands out within the mirror and the black and white background really stands out and you can still tell what is in the image. I like how I managed to edit around the tree stumps which you can see help the viewer show that there is actually a mirror in the image and it wasn’t put there afterwards.

This image is another one of my favourites because of the lighting and the image I have managed to capture clearly within the glass orb. When I was editing this image, I did not need or want to change the brightness to anything higher because it would have ruined the image. I also didn’t want to edit the contrast too much because I already had a good shadow showing on the tree stump and within the glass orbs image. I like how the tress are one of the clearest thing in the image and I would definitely say that this is one of my favourite images that I have edited for this project.

I really like this image because of the image I have managed to capture inside of it and how I have managed to bring out those colours too. Before editing this image, it was quite hard to tell that the mirror was actually there when I took the picture, rather than looking like I had edited it in afterwards. This was because of the fact that the light shining onto the mirror was not giving off any shadow behind it therefore causing a small problem. However, when it came to editing this image, I managed to make the mirror look more in place by making sure the contrast was at the right level so I could make the mirror look more in place in the image. Overall, I would say this is my favourite mirror image due the location and what I have managed to capture within the mirror.

I like this image because of how the black and white colour has managed to capture where the light was hitting each part of the woodlands, giving the audience and in sight to what the weather I captured this image in. I also like this image because of the fact that you can clearly see the trees and the path and all of the detail at each side of the path such as weeds, brush and logs. One thing I might change about this image is how I positioned the orb and where I placed it. This is because in the bottom right of the image, you can see the log it is resting on and it cuts out some of the landscape it is supposed to be facing. However, I still think that this image manages to capture the beauty of natural landscapes.

I like this image because it features two different elements of nature which are tress and rocks. It is odd to see these two elements together, therefore making this image much more interesting to the audience. I like how the trees bring out the most colour and the fact that some of the blades of grass overlap the mirrors reflection but I managed to work around them and you can just tell that I have done this and it adds more detail to the image. Another reason why I like this image is because of where I placed the mirror, I wanted to place it so it was viewing the rest of the Peak District and you can just see it in the distant in between the trees.

I like this image of the image that I have captured inside the glass orb and also because of the lighting from the location. The lighting from the location helps to show the height of the trees and also the patches of the path as you look up from the bottom towards the trees. I would have changed a couple of things in the image such as the brightness. I believe that in some places, they are too dark and could have been altered slightly but I did not risk this in case it did not look too good and would ruin the image. Another reason why I would have changed the image is because of the glares at the bottom of the orb which are quite visible. They blend in until noticed and to some people who were in my class, they were quite noticeable. I wanted to try and use the spot healing tool on this but did not because I did not want to ruin the detail in that part of the image.

I like this image because of how different it looks to the rest of the landscapes I have captured. You can get an idea of the location and how vast and wide it actually is by looking at the reflection. This is shown at the side of the rock where you can see the rest of the valleys in the background. Also, you can see the grass coming from the rocks in the reflection but can also see it at the left hand side of the image slightly. I think this looks good as its trying to show how the background and the reflection are trying to “link-up”. One thing I would change in this image however is the contrast. This is because I believe the rocks area little too bright and struggle to truly show black and white within the image.


Overall, I believe that this project has really helped me to open my eyes to different styles and themes of photography and has made me be more creative and explore the natural and even the suburban world. I think my images are to a high quality and I am extremely proud of them and would honestly love to carry on using my glass orb and even the mirrors in future photography. I also enjoyed exploring different uses of Photography and exploring different themes that I could have used. I am happy with the theme that I chose and the locations that I took my images at. I am also glad how I edited my photos and also to choose the use of black and white which is something I will also be definitely using in future photography. I have enjoyed every second of this project even if some parts towards the end became stressful and hard working.