For this Project, I had to film in quite a few places. These included York City, Sheffield Train Station, my college classroom, and Cleethorpes. I tried to fake locations in some places. This did not exactly go to plan as I had unfortunate problems with weather, especially in Cleethorpes and the camera quality in York was quite bad due to the use of a Go Pro camera rather than a Nikon or Canon camera. However, I still managed to capture the footage I needed and blended them well in the video. Also, I have cut some clips down or edited parts of clips out for reasons such as extreme camera shaking or the length of one piece of footage. If there were several parts of a clip that I liked, I would duplicate copies of that clip so I could cut and edit different parts of that one clip out and put them together in my video.

In my video, I knew planned my locations. In the beginning, York City wasn’t an option. It wasn’t till a college trip to York had a few extra spaces left and so I volunteered to go and I got some footage there. With how historical and architectural York City is, I thought this would be a good location to try and fake another location. Out of the few locations I did visit, York City came out with the best outcome of this theory. I believe that if Cleethorpes coast had had better weather that day, then I think that it would have looked much better and much more presentable. Unfortunately, due to a small deadline and the season of the year we were doing this project, weather would not have been on my side no matter which day I went to film there. In addition to this, I believe the music choice I have picked will help the viewer(s) to feel more upbeat about the idea of travel and that the message I am trying to portray will get across to the audience.

Halfway through the project, we had to show our class what we had already in the video. The video I had was not as good as others as I was still editing quite a lot and also in the process of getting more footage. I also didn’t have any audio to go with my video but I knew what I was going to use. I just had finish putting my video together before I added any audio. Below is a link to the video from our halfway point: