Project Brief:

To create an interactive audio visual video which was between three to five minutes long. We also had to explore a range of ideas and how we would make our video interactive in the end. We also had to consider locations, sound effects and the type of video we would be creating. Our options revolved around a moving short film or a stop-motion film.

I decided to do a moving short film instead of a stop motion film as I thought this would better suit the idea that I came up with for my video.


My Idea & Previous Ideas:

My previous ideas were still related around things that I like such as music and horror. Unfortunately, I felt as if they both would not work within the time limit. I wouldn’t be able to do a music video as I knew there was only a small chance that a band would respond to my request if I asked to create a music video using their music and I also didn’t know any small local bands that would be easier to contact. So, this was my first idea which I decided to not go along with.

My second idea was to create a video about horror. However, I came across many problems. One was trying to fit horror into a maximum of 5 minutes and if I wanted special effects or makeup then it would be extremely hard to get and to continuously do. Another problem I would have faced is finding good locations. Woodland areas would not have been a massive problem but if I want to go into abandoned buildings I would have needed to get permission from the council to film there otherwise I would have been trespassing. Int he end, I based my video around travel after finding a quote by actor, Vincent Price. The quote is as follows:

“A man who limits his interests limits his life.”

My final idea consisted of a young adult wanting to travel the world and escape from a world of social media. I wanted to try and fake locations where my character would visit to try and make the scenes look as if some of the scenes are in more presentable areas. For this, I went to the coast of Cleethorpes as it was the easiest and closest to travel to and I also went to the city of York to try and capture the historical side of the city. I then put these clips together with clips from Sheffield Train Station and then from inside in my college classroom. These clips were to help show the audience that my character has been planning to get away and finally does in the end. It goes from watching the character to then becoming the character by going to “Point-of-View” scenes.


Final Video and My Thoughts:



This was my final video. I didn’t want to name it after the quote as I thought that would make the title for the video too long. I called it something related to that and so decided with Escape! I thought that it would draw more attention from viewers to the video. Before I posted this final video, I posted a video of what I had to far at our halfway point when asked in class to present what we had come up with. Below is that halfway video:


In this video, I only had footage from York and Sheffield Train Station but from what I’d put together, You could also see what I was planning to go along with. I think that my video from the halfway point to the final piece has come a long way and has improved dramatically.

If I could have done anything differently, I would have maybe not used a Go Pro camera for the York footage. To begin with, I was unaware of the slight poor quality of the Go Pro until I arrived back at college and went over the footage. Unfortunately, I did not get another opportunity to go to York again otherwise I would have gone back and changed the footage with the difference of a camera. Another thing I may have also changed in my final video is who was doing my voice over. I planned on relying on actors Morgan Freeman or Samuel L jackson to reply to my tweets I had sent to them but I had no response. As a last resort, I had to record the voice over myself and change the pitch and tone of my voice. If I could have changed that, then I think that I would have asked someone who I know with a really deep and moving voice to read out the text I give them and record there voice. Unfortunately, I left that too late and had to stick to my last resort.


In conclusion, I believe that I have tried my hardest on this project and aimed as high as I could to get the message across from this video. I would not say that it is my best work but from what I have produced – and to say it was my first time using PremierePro – I had produced a reasonably powerful video which has a strong stimuli and meaning behind it.