For my audio, I originally planned to have a monologue being read out by a deep moving voice. I wrote the monologue myself and tried to keep on track of travel. I did this by mentioning famous landmarks from around the world. I also made it relate to the audience – regardless of age – as we live in a world of technology and people think that seeing landmarks from their computer or phone screens is enough. The monologue is shown below:


This was my full monologue which I planned to have read out by someone with a deep and powerful voice. The yellow highlighted parts of the text is the parts of the monologue I want to keep in the video as I believe that reading it all out will be too long and will bore the audience, so I decided to take the key parts out of the video which would relate and work with the clips and read them out. I would do this personally. I am aware that I do not had a deep voice like actors such as Morgan Freeman and Samuel L. Jackson do but I plan to record my voice saying these line and then edit the audio to make my voice sound deep. If this does not work however, then I will use my voice and clearly state that it was my voice in the credits. In the beginning, I was given the idea to tweet to both Morgan Freeman and Samuel L. Jackson as they have powerful voices which would sound good with the monologue I have created. The tweets to them are shown below:


I also tweeted to a impersonator who my lecturer knows who can do an impressive impersonation of Morgan Freeman. I then decided to go back onto twitter and tweet to this impersonator and hope for a response. Below is the said tweet:


Unfortunately, non of the above ever replied to me and so I have to go with the option of recording the text myself and then editing my own voice to sound deep and powerful. This would be much easier because I would be able to record how I want it to be. I was a GCSE Drama student back in secondary school so when I record my speech, I will know how to use my voice and express emotion better which will hopefully help my video seem powerful and get the message through to the audience better.

As for extra sound effects, I am using the iPhone Message Sent/Message Received alerts during a scene where my actor is texting a friend. I will also be using a song by a YouTube Channel called “NoCopyrightSounds” where they produce music for people to use and download without any copyright rules and regulations. I used a song from their channel called Force by Alan Walker. This song has a really positive beat to it and when putting it with my clips it goes really well into my short film which I am happy about as I struggled to find any songs that would fit into the video. Below is the link to the song: