During my project, I created a Production Plan to help me plan and work around my video in a manageable and ordered time frame. I feel that by using and following a Production Plan, that it helped me to organise what I would do. I aimed to use the weeks as categories for each part of video.

Week One:

During this week, I planned to come up with my idea and create a story board around this idea.

-I obviously came up with my idea, however I decided to not do a storyboard as it was time consuming and it was much easier to do a mind map instead so I created one instead. I found this to be much easier and expressed my ideas better and it also helped me to decide upon a strict and solid idea for my video.


Week Two:

During this week, I planned to begin filming and would use the York trip as an advantage. I also planned to edit this footage too when I returned.

-I took quite a lot of footage on the York trip and throughout the video, only used about 50% of the different clips. I edited out any shaky movements of the camera and any parts that were exposed too much to the sun. This mainly left me York Minister and the cobbled alleys of York too.


Week Three:

During this week, I planned to continue filming and gather as much footage as I could and then I would edit this and then start searching for audio to go into my work.

-I collected footage from in and out of Sheffield Train station and also from Cleethorpes coast. I edited these and they really worked well when putting them into my video. Just like the York clips, I edited out any shaky movements of the camera and any footage that could be cropped so each separate clip didn’t drag.


Week Four:

During my final week, I planned to finish editing my video, included adding a title clip at the beginning and credits at the end. I would also update my blogs from throughout the project.

-I have edited my video as much as possible and I have also added a title and credits clip into my video which just starts and finishes the video nicely. I also put in my sound effects and music into the clip and also the speech I would use in my video. I have fitted these in with my video and it has all come together. All that needs doing is my video to be double checked and gone over to make sure nothing is out of place or missed and for my video to then be uploaded to YouTube and burned onto the DVD ready for interactive viewers.