As part of the brief for this project, making it interactive is part of the assignment. This can be done in many ways. For example, by burning the video onto a DVD or by posting the video onto YouTube and then sharing the video on Social Media etc.

I was unsure how to make my video interactive but then I decided to burn my video onto a DVD, this is because I could then create a cover for my DVD case and this would help entice the audience to watch the video. It also makes your video look more presentable before the audience/viewer have even watched your video. I decide to do this and used a website called Canva to create my cover. It gave me the option of a dozen of layouts and templates for my cover and I found one that related to travel. All I did was change some of the text. Below is the DVD cover for my video:


I really like this because in the video, my actor catches a train as his starting point of travel. and the fact that it is showing a ticket to freedom relates to how I’m wanting to express travelling to places rather than looking on social media. I also like the fact that it gives you a destination section and so I changed this to “The World” and this gives the audience a bit more of a clearer idea of what will be featured in the video that they are about to watch.