My Production Plan for my project will be what I follow throughout my practical work. I will closely follow this plan and work from it to help me figure out what I need to do throughout my practical weeks.

Week One:

  • Plan the video making process and create a storyboard around this.
  • Go on to twitter

Week Two:

  • Start filming. Use the York trip as an advantage to get some footage of the historic architecture.
  • I then would edit this footage and cut it down as much as possible. I would also use some sort of filter over the Go Pro videos to make the quality look a little better.

Week Three: 

  • Continue filming and gather as much film as possible.
  • Edit all of my footage and add sound effects etc to my work.

Week Four:

  • Continue editing and add a title screen and credits.
  • Update my blog and make sure I have not missed any of my blogs out that are to do with my project.