My idea for my Project Two idea is themed around travel and will be based around a quote by Vincent Price. This quote being:

“A man who limits his interests, limits his life” – Vincent Price.

This quote made me think about travel because I believe that the more you travel the world, the more interests you develop due to culture and practices. I then created a mind map to help me with my idea of using the theme of travel. mindmap

This was my mind map of the quote and this helped to secure my idea and by creating this mind map and I thought about my story. My story based around this quote will be as follows:

Someone is living their life and is bored of it as they feel as if it’s in a constant replay. They begin to notice how everyone is loosing interest in hobby’s people would have had 10 years ago. An example of this is travelling the world. From this they begin to plan a get away to travel the world. During these scenes, I plan to have a monologue over the top of this so that I can express the message that I’m trying to get across. This will be filmed in several locations and I would want someone with a deep and powerful voice to produce my monologue. I would then play each part of the monologue  at different times to where it fits in with the video and I thought about voices such as Morgan Freeman and Samuel L. Jackson. I thought about this and decided to Tweet to both of the actors and explain my situation. I was to wait at least a week or two for a response and if I did not get a response then I would find someone who could imitate one of the chosen actors voices or find someone who has a deep and powerful voice.

I think my idea is unique and is much different than any of the other ideas from my classmates. In conclusion, I will follow a strict production plan to help me construct my short film as well as time editing and gathering sound effects and music.