Today, I have been introduced to our second Project of our course and this includes making one of the two options:

  • A Stop Motion video,
  • Or to create a Short Film,

When I was told about this, I was really excited to start looking at ideas and create my own short film/stop motion video and let my imagination come into this project. I began by looking at short films on YouTube which other people had created. These helped to give me an idea of what to make and what to use and what “theme” or “emotion” to base it off and work from in order to help get my own short film going. As well as the visual side, I also have to consider the audio side to the film. Will there be music? Speech? Sound effects? If so, how much of each will I use? Will it fit in well with the video? Before I consider any of this however, I need to come up with an idea of what I will create and represent in my video.


I began to gather my ideas and I struggled to come up with something. I tried looking at different short films on YouTube to give me some inspiration but there were so many themes that different ones were portraying, I decided to look for another way of getting an idea. I then turned to quotes which I believed could help me by using the chosen quote to use as a sort of stimulus and create my video from that. I looked at many quotes from people such as Vincent Price, Edgar Allan Poe and Oscar Wilde. After looking through many of each of their quotes, I came down to two.

“A man who limits his interests, limits his life” – Vincent Price.


“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken!” – Oscar Wilde.

I want to base my short film off of one of these quotes and to pick which one I would use, I came up with ideas around each of the quotes. For the quote by Vincent Price, I came up with the idea that a teen was sick of living the same life, day in and day out, feeling as it was just a constant repeat. They want to do something exciting and breath-taking and their number one dream is to travel the world. In a world where everyone is addicted to social media and stuck in a dream world, this teenager decides to break free and starts her travels by going to the train station and going to the capital city, London.

This was just a small idea which I thought about quite a lot. If I was to choose this idea then I would have to then consider the locations and also who I would use to represent this.

For the quote by Oscar Wilde, I came up with the idea that several groups of people were all in the same class. In a way, I would make these look stereotypical. However, one person begins to get bored of the same old conversations and actions them and their specific friend group do. They then dress, act and do things differently, creating their own identity and therefore begins to encourage others to do the same. For this, the people I would have to include in my short film would be challenging however, location wont exactly be a problem.

After thinking about which idea would work best, I decided to go with my first idea and use Vincent Price’s quote as I feel it would be much more relevant to modern day and would be much more engaging. I would now have to consider location, sound effects and who I would be able to feature within this short film.