This was my starting image for this necklace. I chose this image because it is quite close up to the product already and so only needed a few changes to it. I like this image because of the simplicity of colours within it and I think that this is effective. Because I am only focusing on the products, having a white background really helps you to focus on the singular object present in the photo.


I then changed the levels so that the detail from the lighter colours/shades within the image. By doing this, this helped to make the image look more bolder around the product and it also brightened up the white background and this helped me when using the Spot Healing Tool to remove any dust particles and dirt that may have ended up on the background. When I did this, the white background looked so much better and helped to make the product stand out even more without dust and dirt getting in the way.


Next, I changed the Gamma Correction slightly to help bring out the shadows and boldness of the black ribbon within the image making it more interesting and eye catching. The boldness of the image from the change in Gamma Correction is shown mainly around the Pentagram itself. Within each of the corners and spaces in between each of the spikes of the pentagrams, you can see how the use of Gamma Correction has created more shadow and shading around the pendant which makes it look more effective by the increase of shadow.


Overall, I believe that this image is one of the best ones I have taken and edited and I am happy and proud of the result. One thing I would have maybe changed would have been the background. I would still have used a white background but after the editing, I would have used the Spot Healing Tool further to remove any more dust and dirt that were more visible after the change in Gamma Correction. However, I still like this image and so do my client which is good.