This was my starting image. I chose this image because it was clear to see what the image was. Within the image, you can see that their is not much colour and the white background there are a few marks which show dust and dirt but these would have been easily edited out and changed. However, I really like this image, just because it is simple and really makes you focus on what is there. I thought the colours were simple yet effective and they still manage to capture the attention of the viewer.


I used the Spot Healing Tool on Photoshop to remove the specks of dirt and dust on the white background to I could make it look as clear as possible. After I had done that, I then made the image fully look black and white by turning the saturation all the way down. This then gave the image this effect which I think works better as before because, in the beginning their was hardly no colour the image so, this is why I think it was better to turn the saturation down to make it a black and white image. Even though it is i black and white, I still think it manages to capture the shadows and metallic look in the necklace charm and this still make the image effective.


I then changed the Exposure and the Gamma Correction to make the colours look bold and also for the detail towards the photo. With the Exposure, I wanted the background the look completely white or as close to that as possible and by changing the exposure, I managed to remove even more of the dust from the white background that I couldn’t get properly with the Spot Healing Tool. Also, because I increased the exposure, it has made the shadows more visible and this adds too the effectiveness of the image. With the Gamma Correction, I didn’t want the image to look faded because I had changed the exposure of the image. So, by doing this, I still managed to preserve the boldness of the black, engraved writing and the black ribbon too. This gave the result shown above and I’m also happy with how it made the shadows from the necklace stand out more.


I then changed the levels on my edit and this was so this was to make sure that the detail within the image was shown to full capacity to give the best quality of detail. I felt as if the image was too dark so I moved the brighter levels output pointer to 220 so that the detail of the black and white colours was shown as much as much as possible. This made the image come out better in detail and so this is how I kept.


This is my finishing image. I like this image because it shows how the use of a mixture of black and white colours can be just as effective as photos with colours. It also shows that mean point in the image and that made me realize that the viewers would definitely be focused on this product.