Who is my Client?

My Client for my first Photography project is a shop in my local area called Mysticum Luna. They are a fashion based shop which theme their products around Gothic styles and witchcraft styles too. I got in contact with them and they were willing to let me help take photos of their products alongside their house photographer.


What will I be doing for my Client?

I would be taking photographs of the Clients winter collection coming in and they would need these as soon as possible to that they could update their website with these photos. I would be working with models further into the future with the client and so this will increase my portfolio for my work experience.

Why will I be doing this for my Client?

My client are launching a new winter collection on their website and were in desperate need of their new products being photographed. My client also wanted me to help them in the later months when they want their clothes to be modeled. They have their own models for this and so this means that, although I will have my work experience from the shop for this project, the fact that they are willing for me to continue working with them, whether it be for my college work or for their own needs is something I am grateful for because it would help with future projects and for skills to do with photography work in the future too.

Contact with my Client?

When trying to find a client, I didn’t just email this shop. I emailed many others too. However, Mysticum Luna were the first to get back to me. When sending emails to my clients, I was polite, formal and straight forward. This attitude was present in all of my client emails as this was so I could make a good impression to who ever would become my project client.

Mysticum Luna then got back to me within less than a week and were extremely happy for me to work with them and when I went into their store to see them. They were eager to share their ideas with me and I was more than happy to work with them when these were to happen. They also told me about plans they had in the next couple of months for their models which included woodlands and coloured flares/smoke grenades.

I am really happy with who I have for a client and I am looking forward to working with them and editing my work for my project.