Philip Lorca Dicorcia is an American photographer who focuses on the suburban parts of cities and towns. This piece is an example of his work that focuses on a suburban part of a Los Angeles. I like this piece because it has many aspects which a viewer can think about and feel the effectiveness of each element within the image. I believe that the photographer’s main point in the image was to show the loneliness that people can feel in big cities.

I think that the photographer was wanting to make loneliness is the major theme in this image because of the man who is sat alone outside a block of apartments. The reason why loneliness is present in this is mainly represented through the man’s posture, expressions and body language. The man is dangling his legs over the side of the balcony as if he wants to jump down but the bars are stopping him from doing so which could show that he is trapped and therefore, lonely. The man is lonely and is aware of this because he is holding onto the bars which are representing the denial of his freedom and feeling of loneliness. The use of space in this image also shows the isolation of the man and the use of bright colours could show how the man is missing out on the world because he is lonely and he is keeping himself in the shadows rather than being out in the world experiencing the streets of Los Angeles.

I think the use of bright colours such as the blue lights in the background and the colours of red and orange in the sky are used well to make the viewer question what is going off in the background. I believe that these colours help to make the viewer also question why the man is avoiding the light and is staying in the shadows. Also the use line within the image gives the effect of confusion to the viewer because, although they are wanting the man to be free and enjoy the life in Los Angeles, the fact that you can see if the railings end could show how he can’t escape because you can’t see if the railings will open up and let the man out.

I really like this image because of the fact that it makes me think about what is going off in the image. It makes me wonder why the photographer wanted to show loneliness in suburban life. I think one reason why this is, is because of backstreet gangs. The location of this image appears to be in an old, rough part of Los Angeles and gives a very cautious vibe from the image if you were to picture yourself in that location. This relates to backstreet gangs because, instead of being lonely, the man is actually looking out for gangs and is trying to avoid them and that is the reason why he is on his own.