What is Location Photography?

Location Photography is where you can go outside of the studio or indoor photography facilities and manually take pictures of the scenery around you. For my location photography, I started off by taking photographs in my local park. This was so I could understand the different settings and controls on the camera I was using. From this, I could then understand which settings to use when I do more professional location photography work.

About a week after my first location photography experience, me and my photography class were given the opportunity to go to Liverpool for the day for a chance to capture more exciting location photography. I really enjoyed the trip and I captured many images which I like. We went to many places around Liverpool’s city centre – especially around the docks area. I captured many photographs of the locks alongside the docks which people put up locks to represent their love. I captured many beautiful and colourful pictures of the rows of locks alongside the bridge. I also captured pictures of the Liver Birds on top of the Liver Building. I like these photos of the Liver Birds and when photographing in Liverpool I think its important to show some proof of being there by giving hints within your photography. For Liverpool, it would be the images of the Liver Birds.

I enjoyed the trip to Liverpool for so many reasons. One of those reasons was because I had never been before and was excited to go and see it. Another reason was because I was interested to discover what Liverpool had to offer as the only thing I knew about Liverpool was about football. As well as discovering the things that I have already mentioned from what I’ve already photographed, I also managed to capture some images from one the Wheel of Liverpool which I paid to get on and take images which spread out to all of Liverpool.