David Bailey is probably the most famous and well-known photographer throughout his career. Known mainly for his portrait photography and also fashion photography, Bailey’s photography is spell-bounding and creative.


Being one of the most iconic photographers, he has been very popular when it comes to taking photographs of celebrities. Some of these celebrities include Angelica Houston, Alice Cooper, Cecil Beaton and Andy Warhol. The film he made for his TV station, with Andy Warhol in-fact, caused quite a lot of bad publicity due to the fact that both the men were in bed together. However, when Bailey’s TV station contract was cancelled, he returned to Vogue and continued his career in Fashion and Portrait photography.


Bailey was a very creative person. He had many interests and one of those interests was his love for birds. Bailey loved animals and birds (especially parrots) took over his home. He had so many that even his model girlfriend Jane Shrimpton even commented saying that when she moved in with him, she was shocked by the amount of parrots that were all around his home. Another time where animals became involved with his photography is when he did a photo shoot with Alice Cooper. Alice had a pet python and was almost like it was his pride and joy. He contacted David Bailey and asked if he could come round and do a photo shoot with his pet python. The photos that were produced were of the python hanging over his shoulders and twisted towards his stomach and Cooper holding onto the python.


David Bailey was very popular photographer, both for his own photography and for the major popular fashion magazine, Vogue. During his career with Vogue, he became bored of taking the same fashion photographs in the same locations. Therefore, Bailey took his fashion photography abroad. He went to places such as Turkey and Egypt to take his photography. When these photos were published in Vogue magazines, the world was amazed on how brilliant the locations and the clothing were and this then encouraged readers of Vogue to not only continue to buy the magazine but also made them buy the clothes advertised and also encouraged people to travel abroad too.


David Bailey had a lot of success with fashion magazine sensation, Vogue, but after 15 years of being in partnership with them, it started to become at bore to him and so left. This is when David Bailey decided to work individually and for anyone or any companies that would want to pay David Bailey for his photography. David Bailey has been active for almost 60 years and is at the age of 78. He has been active since 1959 and is still active to the present day. David Bailey’s photography is impressive and Vogue were disappointed when he left because his photography was an inspiration to Vogue magazine.