I took many Pinhole Photos and some came out terribly, some were not that bad, some came out quite good.

Not-So-Good Pinhole Photos:

For this image, I timed it at 30 seconds as that was the recommended maximum time to reveal light into my pinhole camera so I decided to try it at this first. I then took it to be developed and this was my result. Unfortuantly, it didn’t come out very well. However, I believe that the wobbly line towards the middle of the image shows where the light is from where i was taking the photo which was out of a window. The lighter part of the image could show how the image was where hardly light was getting to it and this could be because of my positioning of the Pinhole camera. The darker part of the camera could show how the light was getting to the camera but the fact it came out like this shows that there was enough light but too much time of the light being exposed.



For this image, it was pretty much the same as the previous image. However, I did change what I did. When taking this image, I was in a dimmer location than pointing the camera out of the window. Instead, I was pointing it towards a window but was stood in the middle of a corridor. This was the result. I believe that this was the result because, although I had it facing the window from a certain distance. The light was obviously was exposed too much and so the outcome was this. Yet again, I took the image for 30 seconds so I knew that for my next images, I was to shorten the timing of the taking of the photo to around 20 seconds and then see the outcome from that before making another decision.



A-Little-Better Pinhole Photos:

For this image, I took it at 20 seconds and this was just a few steps away from a window so I was still quite close to it. The outcome below was not bad but was still exposed too much. However, within this image you can still see where the edge of the window is and where the actual glass pane is. From this, I knew that if taking this image again then i would know to do it for a lower time due to the fact that it would have a less exposure of light therefore, capturing the image at a correct exposure.



For this image, I was taking a photo of a corridor but I was facing away from the window . I remember a pair of double doors. Each with a window on them. I focused the camera on those doors for 20 seconds and got this result. I was happy with the fact that I had captured a better shape of an object and this also helped me to understand the different time periods of light in different lighted areas. Another thing which it showed me was that I would need more balance and to use some sort of tripod to help balance the camera. Without the tripod holding the camera still the photo would come out like this. Although I believe this, I am still happy with the result of this image. img_2964


Best Pinhole Photography Photos:

For this image, I took this on the stairs outside my classroom and I think that it is a better result than my previous image. I took it for 10 seconds and so this is why the windows (which are shown as black) are more visible than anything else. Also, around the windows you can see the frames which are just marked slightly. This image helped me to understand my timings but it also showed me that I need to manage the lighting of the images I’m taking. For example, make sure the lighting and timing work well together. Overall, I believe that this is one of the best pinhole photographs that I have captured.



For this image, I took it in the same place as the previous image. This time, I made sure that I had considered the timing and lighting of the image to get it correct. Although it does look similar to the previous image. One thing I am proud of is the fact that I have managed to capture the bars on the windows and because of this, this is my best image eve thought I only managed to capture the window within the image. However, when I do pinhole photography next time, I will try different areas and try to capture images of better scenery such as outside the building.