When developing my photographs on my film, I had many good pictures and some that turned out not so well. Luckily, for next time, I know how to fix the problem that I had done in my first attempt of photography with 35mm film. Photos that I captured include:

  • College Campus,
  • The Market Streets,
  • An Alleyway,
  • The Fountain,
  • College Car Park,
  • Buildings,

For the photos on college campus, they turned out to be a mixture of detail and good exposure in each photo. I was happy with how my film turned out. I managed to capture some really good detail in most of my images and so when this would could to me enlarging these images, the detail would stand out more and so from this, I was happy with my 35mm film results.

I really enjoy using 35mm film cameras as they are something different to what most people use today and they are more challenging when capturing images. For example, when using a digital camera and the image comes out in a poor quality, you can delete the image from the memory and retake the image, but with a 35mm camera that is completely different. With a 35mm camera, if you take a photo, you do not know what the result will be like until you have developed it. I think that 35mm cameras are better to use because its very technical and digital cameras are not that technical as they pretty much do the different settings for you. Below, is my contact sheet of all of my 35mm film results: