When working in the Studio, it may seem all fun and exciting but there are certain health and safety and rules and regulations that you need to follow. These are mainly about the use of cameras, tripods and lighting equipment.

Health and Safety: Tripod and Camera

Sometimes when photographing in a Studio, photographers use the assistance of a tripod. A tripod is basically a stand which a camera can balance on whilst in use. However, this stand must be checked properly otherwise it could cause damage to the camera and to the tripod itself. The height of the tripod can be changed to suit the photographers need. However, if the height of the stand is not tightened and secured in place then this could cause the stand to fall in height and once reaching the bottom limit then it could jolt the camera out of place and off of the stand, therefore causing it to fall on the floor and break.

Also with the tripod, you can adjust the legs so suit the balance of the camera when it is on the tripod. These legs of the tripod can be a serious hazard in many ways. Firstly, because they are a trip hazard. If they are stuck out they could trip people over and therefore could also cause the tripod to fall over and break and also break the camera if it is on the tripod at the time. Always make sure that the tripod has enough space to walk around so it becomes less of a trip hazard.

Another problem that the legs of the tripod could case is that if they are all not set to an equal length and the balance is off then it could be difficult to take photographs with and in some cases could collapse and break. Just like when you adjust the height of the tripod, with the legs, when you adjust them then you would have to tighten and secure the legs in place to ensure that it will not collapse and cause itself or the camera to break.


Health and Safety: Lighting

When using the lighting equipment, it is important that you use it carefully and that you know what you are doing when handling the equipment. One major health and safety point you have to be careful of is when you are unplugging the cables from the light. If you unplug them and the light is still switched on at the electric mains then you could risk being electrocuted. It may sound and seem very unlikely but it could happen as these lights would have hundreds of volts powering through to work them at studio standard. Maker sure they are switched off at the mains before unplugging any cables from the light.

Another health and safety issue to do with the studio lights is that the bulb will be very hot after being used. On many occasions, photographers moving the lighting equipment have placed their hands on the light bulb and this has caused them to burn their skin. When you have finished using the lighting, you must leave it for a minimum of 10 minutes once switched off so that it can cool down and then be easily put away.