Top 3 Images:

For this image, I like how it is presented because it shows many shapes and sizes within it. However, the reason why the objects are not entirely white, is because of the fact that I didn’t allow the light to shine on the photographic (light se
sensitive) paper so it didn’t manage to capture the image properly.

For this image, I like how it is set out and also how it shows the different lighting’s within the image. The leaf in the middle is mainly brighter and more highlighted around the edges whereas the keys are much brighter and much more high-lighted which gives the image a good look. However, some of the keys have not got as much brightness as others and so this could be changed by upping the time of light onto the paper. Although I think this, this image is my favourite of all of the others.





When we started doing photograms, we got the chance to take practice photograms so we knew what we set should our timer to so we could find the correct time to set our light to go on for and to help us catch a good and detailed photogram. Below are the photograms we took as practice shots:


Starting Image:For this image, we started at 7 seconds but unfortunately, that time was too long and so the image didn’t come through properly.
This was also a mess-around image and with this it was to test the light and also how long to develop it for. We set the timer to 2 seconds and developed it a little shorter in time than the previous image. This is because as soon as we got an outline of this image we took it out so it wouldn’t develop further.
This image is one of the worst ones I captured. Even though it was a practice photogram, it was poor quality as the pencil we were trying to capture somehow didn’t transfer onto the photographic paper therefore, capturing this image which looks like only half a pencil and a diamond further into the middle of the image.








For this image, there were many things wrong with it such as the finger print which you can clearly see over the bristles of the paintbrush and the fact that it was not shown the light for long enough. Especially around the peg. Also, the positioning of the paper and the light combined was off and therefore also puts another disadvantage onto this image.
In this image, you can clearly tell what the object is (a brush) and this is a reasonably good image because the light was at a correct time to be on so it could clearly capture all of the brush. This may not be one of the better images I have from my Photograms, but it shows how practice helped me get those good quality Photograms.