What are the different units in this Project?

Unit One: 

  • To understand processes and technical skills used in creative media production.
  • To understand the characteristics and methods of communication within a media context.

Unit Two:

  • To understand design and research tools, methods and skills used in the creative media production.
  • Understand Primary and Secondary research sources.
  • Be able to use design and research tools, methods and skills to inform ideas for creative media production.

Unit Three:

  • To understand progression opportunities within the creative media sector.
  • To understand the skills needed to pursue a career in the creative media sector.
  • To be able to carry out roles and responsibilities consistent with professional practice.

Unit Four:

  • To understand critical perspectives that influence the analysis of creative media production activities.
  • To understand the contexts within which creative media technology and production are positioned.


Task 1 – Week 1 to 5: Research, Contextualisation, Professional Practice.

– For Task One, I will be introduced to a range of different Photographic, Research, Contextualisation and Professional Practice skills.

What will be included in my Workshops?

  • The formal elements and composition
  • A darkroom induction (Health & Safety)
  • Camera-less Photography: including Photograms, Pin-hole photography and Camera Obscura.
  • 35mm film photography and darkroom printing.
  • Digital SLR cameras, RAW File processing, File types and storage.
  • Photographic studio induction (Health and Safety)
  • Location photography techniques

Each of these will be researched, contextualised and annotated as I progress throughout this Project.

What do I do when I have completed all of these Workshops?

  • I will have to critically compare a range of communication methods used to convey meaning in creative media production.
  • I will have to critically evaluate a range of working practices and methods.


What will happen after that?

The evidence I produce for these tasks should be recorded using my WordPress Blog, in my workbooks, my practical files, my evaluations, blogs, and it will also be further evidenced in my video presentations, audio assignments, group critiques and discussions.



  • for these different projects, there is no merit or distinction. Only pass or fail. You must all projects to pass the course.
  • Primary research includes other classmates or your teachers. Secondary sources include using the internet (as long as you record all of your links/references to this information) and books.
  • You should NOT use Wikipedia! – if you do find yourself on this page when doing research then scroll to the bottom of the page and follow the links that are present and use these references instead!
  • When doing photography, wherever you see ‘media’, replace it with ‘photography’.
  • SLR stands for “single lens reflex”
  • Location photography techniques is to do with how to work with and use light when out and about taking photography.